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Suggested Methods (aka Self-Love, Allowing)

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Suggested Methods:

Create a Dreamboard.

  • Write everything you want to do, be, have and experience on it. 
  • See & use it daily. 
  • Write goals to the right, and allow the details & steps to fill in to the left.
  • Inspect thoughts & beliefs using the backside of the dreamboard.


Use the emotional scale each day to align thought with feeling & create consciously 


Daily morning meditation (after daily morning exercise).

  • Start with 5 mins, increase daily by 5 mins. 


Daily use of an expression journal.


Aligned diet, one small change at a time.


Create a Calendar. Creating the event on a calendar is creating the experience. So say you & so shall it be. 


Create a Dream Journal


Contemplate truth. 


Receive & share the Message Freely.


Support Available:

Utilize the forum and make threads, participate in the monthly group Zoom calls, and or request an individual session



“Choose love, choose love. Without this beautiful love life is nothing but a burden.”


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Forum ins & outs.


Through your profile or at the bottom of each page, you can change the overall theme of the forum.


The newspaper icon towards the top right brings up all unread content. 


To quote from multiple pages or comments, click the below the comment(s), to the left of “Quote” & “Mention”. 


To save any insights or comments, copy and paste them into your journal. Feel free to make a second journal called “Bookmarks”. 


Feedback & suggestions for video content, changes to the forum, etc, are always welcomes and appreciated. 


To be notified of new comments made to any particular thread, click “Follow” in the upper right of the screen. 


To share a specific thread, click “Share” next to “Follow”.


For more information please see the Guidelines

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