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Does Lifting Weights Help Prevent Stretching Injuries?

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Ive been stretching daily and its made a huge difference in my life.


But I overstretched and now I got some pain in my back 😞.


Will lifting weights strengthen my muscles and help me bounce back from this over stretching? 


For those whove had experience, can I lift weights with that back pain from stretching?


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If you are hyper extending when you are stretching then strengthening can help. You could be hyper mobile like I tend to be, so over stretching easily happens. Be mindful about your form, also it could be that some stretches are just not for your body type. Proper structure is something that can never be studied enough in my opinion. 

I would rest for a bit, do light exercises to help the overstretched muscle come back a bit, then do strengthening. The more you focus on strengthening the less flexible you’ll get so if you are hyper mobile it is what you’ll want to be focused on.

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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