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The Confusion in Creation


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Noticed my room is messy, noticed the messy room is manifested out of my inner discord. 


Then noticed that the material manifestation of discord (messy room) reinforces the discord and it just doesn't feel good to have a messy room. 


I'm catching on to something here, can use some clarity from @Phil on this. 


I'm seeing this in the global population, we have manifested so much pain that we don't even know we are manifesting it....it just seems like that's the world we live in and that world reinforces our inner discord, just like a infinite zooming in/out, it all springs from everywhere.


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Sounds along the lines of as above so below insight. 

To reiterate to see if I get what you’re saying… it’s complete insanity to escalate from discord to projection to actually harming someone… yet ‘here we are’ in a world we are creating, where war is not recognized as insanity, and this is more or less perfectly fine because it’s… just how it is. Similarly, “it’s just how I am” (the same actually).

That along the same lines as what you’re sayin?

Like, we aren’t noticing that it is we that are creating our pain…?

Maybe even more so.. that It’s All alignment & discord…?

… ‘the world’ = co-creating = sort of a sum total of each one’s creating…?


Is it that ‘same actually’ part that’s … ‘trippy’?

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