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Why Enlightenment can not be recognized via pychedelics

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I was chasing enlightenment for years and thinking that I can reach enlightenment via pychedelics (thats how my addiction to infinite love therefore pychedelics was created). However, it is not true. 


Consuming pychedelics, activates the mind. Therefore attachment with thinking still occurs, such as I am god / creator (because, you feel as god, which is attachment with thinking via feeling), same as infinite love, infinite nothingness, infinity etc... 


However, enlightenment has nothing to do with mind, out of any charts. Because, "I" (who consume pychedelics or etc...) can not be enlightened, when "I" drops enlightenment happens. Which is True Being ( As deep sleep, No experience, no thinking, nor attachments etc...) The one who Borns, consume pychedelics, realize what god is was just an illusion in the first place. Therefore, nothing has never happened and now is before so called birth. As Peter Raltson says "Enlightenment is simply being where you already are". or Papaji "Nothing has never happened, and realization of that is Nirvana". or Ramana Maharsi "You are closest to who you are when you are in deep sleep", or Rubert Spira "Eating an apple better than Recognition of Enlightenment, which is what You really are". And with Enlightenment, the mind permanently becomes quite, desires ends, therefore suffering ends. that's it. 


I am not against the pychedelics. I tripped many times and was addicted to pychedelics / mystical experiences. Because, they are the best ride in the park.


I hope this helps. 


Much Love!!!

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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