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Infinite Sophistication!

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Life is so unbelievable complex, I don't even know where to begin to tell you how absolutely and mind-bogglingly complex and sophisticated biological life is. 

On the one hand there's the macro-structures, the whole organism, running, swimming, flying or crawling around and doing it's thing, human beings, animals, plants, mushrooms, insects, bacteria, archaea, birds, mammals, fish, dinosaurs, the list would comprise hundreds upon hundreds of millions of living beings, and they're ALL so absolutely f*cking shopisticated biochemical machines, it's completely and indescribably insane. Each cell is so, so complicated, with millions of processes going on in each cell, and you have trillions of cells in your body, comprising this wonderful body that you are.


The micro structure, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, is what I'm really talking about tho. Most people don't know anything about molecular biology and molecular physiology, but if they knew, they'd exclaim:


Appreciate your body, Appreciate life. It's so god damn complex, and it works perfectly!! The biochemical pathways, the networks, the organization, there is no computer with enough computing power on earth that could ever come close to even mapping  all of it. Just mapping it! I'm not even talking building a reproduction of even a single molcular machine like an enzyme like ATPase or some Polymerase, they are like ultra spohisticated nano-bots.






I have a degree in biology and caught myself during my studies multiple times wondering if creationists maybe do have a point. And I understand why so many people are simply not satisfied with normal reductionistic,  mechanistic, materialistic explanations for evolution. It's just too damn sophisticated.


The universe truly is infinitely intelligent. There's no other way. Mind-boggling.

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