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Amazingly, this forum has been up almost two years. Phil is awesome and never mentions this, nor did he ask me to say this, but the forum has rather high monthly cost to upkeep, unfortunately updated forum software that works on mobile is not cheap. If you'd like to support the forum, you can do so monthly here in any amount you would like or are comfortable with. 



You can also support the forum by sharing it with friends (and support your friends too). Few places online offer public journaling spaces for free, which can be very powerful and transformation avenues of expression. The conversations here come with none of the ads, scrolling and attention grabbing distractions of social media. This is the perfect format for the nature of these conversations. That's one of the reasons why we're so passionate about growing this forum. If you think of a place or person with which to share this place, please do! 😁


Finally, thanks to everyone for your contributions with posts, your questions, your vulnerability, and your braveness to write and converse here. There are no answers without questions, and the most powerful thing you can do is ask. 


Thanks everyone for an awesome two years.

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