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The "Zoom In" Technique


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I find this technique really helpful for when intrusive thoughts and/or discordant thoughts arise. 


The lens is what thoughts appear in and as. The substance the lens is made of is Energy, which is inherently Goodness, and "feels good". 


While shifting focus away from thoughts can be a good way to let go of discord and allow peace, the opposite approach works too and I would say it works wonders if you're inclined to think obsessively or hyper fixate on certain thoughts. 


So here goes: 


When a discordant thought arises, simply "zoom in" on the thought by focusing on it. Close your eyes and do this. Zoom in on the thought so intensely that you can "taste" the substance it's made of (Consciousness). 


When you have zoomed in on the thought and can taste what it truly is, simply remain in the space of the good feeling that appears as thoughts. 


Naturally, when you remain in "pure consciousness" for long enough, it'll eventually begin to appear as a more aligned thought 🙂


If you suffer from OCD or hyper fixate on thoughts, this technique should not only be easy, but it will come naturally. 


With each discordant thought that arises, focus on it so intensely that it melts back into the pure substance its made of and it will eventually mold itself into a more aligned shape 🙂.


Try it and lmk how it goes!

"Mediocrity is gone. Mind is clear of limitation. I seek no state of enlightenment. Neither do I remain where no enlightenment exists. Since I linger in neither condition, eyes cannot see me. If hundreds of birds strew my path with flowers, such praise would be meaningless."

A Comment on the 8th Ox Herding Picture

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