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dreamboard & desires

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By how they feel, lack feels like something needs to be secured for happiness and completion, desires out of abundance is the joy of creating. 


I sometimes find that my dream board gets stale, so I take a photo, erase it and usually the stuff that was erased comes around once it's let go of. The fun is in the creating, not the "hurry up and get here so I can create". Create unconditionally, not taking score. You can't ever scrap a desire, even if you erase it. In fact erasing and forgetting it seals the deal, so long as it's not transactional.  


There's more pleasure is the little things than the big things, or said another way, there's less conceptualization in little things because conceptualization is required to inflate things. Look up the stars and a million dollars or a mansion is pretty insignificant, yet the pleasure in a smile or a sunset or the way the dust sparkles in the sunlight is everything, a microcosm of the whole. Keep things in their place so to speak, you are the whole already. ❤️

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