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How to avoid mind games?

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It has happened more than one time that after I finish the meditation I have some seconds of 'God Realization'. I feel very good in this 'state of consciousness' because it feels there aren´t any boundaries, I´m everywhere and there is pure silence.


Afterwards I start to lose my 'state of consciousness' and I become to get frustrated and very sad that I can not get to that state of consciousness.


What is helping is to remind myself that 'God Realization' is just another word/thought/idea. I am remembering that 'state of consciousness' and I am proyecting that experiencing that meant being God.


When in actuality, what matters is experience. If I am not experiencing that, then I am not. Full stop. I am not God or whatever fucking bullshit the mind wants to tell me. 


I still fall trap to this mind games from once in a while but I think I am clear that I shouldn´t ever let the mind define what an experience is or especially what It means. I just have to focus in improving my internal experience, but I must be very careful to not fall trap to the mind games of saying that I am in that experience now (in other words: I am God), because the reality is, I am not experiencing that now.



@Phil is probably going to ban me for using so many times the phrase 'state of consciousness' 🤣😆


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6 hours ago, ConsciousDreamer666 said:


God (that) is a religious term, like Allah, Yahweh & Elohim, and is not experience, experienced or an experience… but is this.  

That’s this. 


Same for state or states of consciousness. It’s like unicorn. The thought is experienced now-only, and there is no actual unicorn. 


It’s (that) thoughts, happening now (this). 

Even if the thoughts are about a past, future, a separate self experiencing or being in states, etc… the actual or direct experience is of the thoughts now. There is never an experience of not now, as in a past or future. The separate self is never present, and is always the content of thought about not now, or, a past or future. The thoughts (that) are happening only now (this). 


It’s like with memories. The thoughts are about a past, but the thoughts (memories) are actually only a now-experience. 


The activity of thought or thinking about there being a God, a God experience, a better state in a future or a past, etc, is like the sun looking for the sun in clouds. 


It’s fine to use terms like states of consciousness, levels, etc forum wise. It doesn’t obscure anyone else, just consciousness. 


There’s nothing that needs improvement inner wise. The discord is of the thoughts / beliefs, obscuring. 

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