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Misidentification, Suffering, Self-Realization & Integrity

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While ineffable and ultimately an utter mystery unto myself, I’m appearing as two spheres, we might say, made of only love & light, love-light.


As one of the spheres I’m appearing as, I appear as a world or universe within, essentially, object, objective world, or simply put somewhere.


The other sphere is a lens-sphere. As I am undefinably infinite intelligence, as I be the lens-sphere, there seems to be finite form intelligence, or simply put, thoughts. This fulfills the essential ingredients of experience; subjective & objective. Somewhere & someway to experience somewhere. 


As I appear as these spheres, I overlook myself & that I am being the spheres. We might say this aspect is sacrificial; overlooking my true unconditional nature & infinitude. Therein suffering occurs. 


Suffering is misidentification with or as the body, and therein as finite & temporary. The actuality of body is the apparent thought, ‘body’. The thought doesn’t define perception, and perception refers to being both spheres. Without subject & object, both spheres, there is no apparent experience of perception.


Thus, self-realization isn’t something a separate self does or could do, as there is no separate self. There is only, if at all, me mistaking myself, for my appearance. As there aren’t separate selves, there will never be anyone who discovers what’s being said here. As i am being the spheres, there is no one to share, that i am being the spheres, with.


I am alone, as formless peace, infinite happiness, and boundless unconditional love, yet my essence doesn’t define me.



Thoughts might appear of the lens I am being, about there being other than me, other than light, other than unconditional love; such as positive, or negative, or good, or bad.


This could be referred to as judgements, and felt as emotion; energy, which is me, in motion as in, me appearing.


Other thoughts as beliefs might arise, such as the speed of light, spacetime, and mass; conceptualizations rooted in assumption, and not self-discovery.


Why this believing & conceptualizing occurs might come into question, and this would be recognized as evidentiary of that I am free, unbound, without assertion of any kind.



The way to perpetuate suffering, is to not inspect beliefs, concepts and assumptions and continue conceptualizing. Namely, self referential beliefs. 


Spiritual concepts only cause more suffering, prolonging investigation of direct experience, and allowing emotion to be felt fully. There is not a thing which prevents me, from manipulating and deceiving me, via spiritual, scientific & psychological concepts. This is a molesting of the innocence I am, via self conceptualizations, such as meaning, value, purpose and worth. The resolve of such molestation is, integrity. 




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I think there's a relation to be had between the human and the Divine, and ego and No Ego.  We can tell this story in many ways, many narratives, but I think this is the issue.  We're talking about the same things, the same issues, but putting narratives together in different ways.  We all have a structure that we prefer to arrange our narratives around especially advanced people on the path who created their own structure to organize their stories and things that they want to keep top of mind, like ideals that they value and want to develop more into and share more with others.  This gets at the lingo vs./and truth duality wobble.  There's a definite working with there, but not a direct correspondence.  I expect people to have different narratives about spirituality and to value different things and set different things as ideals.  But it's interesting how we're all talking about the same things too!  It's the wobble in the sameness vs./and difference duality.

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@Joseph Maynor

Yes, and maybe not even relation between two things, concepts, entities or identities, but more along the lines of appearance or one seemingly or presumptively two. Like how there is one perspective, lens or point of view and this never changes, and within this one perspective or lens different interpretations appear and interpretation is only change or changing. So there can be an endless variety of interpretations, yet all arising of the one perspective. In this sense the unchanging perspective always remains wobble free, while wobble freely arises as apparent interpretation. 

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