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I Feel Like I'm Waiting to Win the Lottery


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Have you ever seen Toy Story? You know those little green aliens that are waiting for "the claw" to pick them up? 


That's what this awakening process feels like, there's a certain point where "you" can't go any further anymore. 


It's like I'm waiting for something beyond all form to take me away. 


The thought waiting implies time though so that's good to recognize. 


Who's waiting? 


The thought knows it's own source where it sprang out from, but the identification is still there, it's just subtle. 


Only God-Love can take the last step for "me". 


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On 8/17/2023 at 12:56 PM, Orb said:

there's a certain point where "you" can't go any further anymore. 

Yes -thoughts. With a little assumption, thoughts are things a brain produces. Without assumptions (that is a thought), thoughts appear, are only apparent. 

What is apparent is unreal. What is unreal can not know what is real, as what is real is infinite. 


The waiting, or allowing, is perfectly intuitive. Let it come to you, so to speak, vs thinking your way to it. 

‘It’ is indeed uplifting as all get out. 🤍



A lovely aspect of mindfulness could be said to not make work of emotions, but to allow acknowledgement of, recognition of emotions, and likewise expression. Allow allow allow. 

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