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Visual Thoughts


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I noticed this during practice today, the verbal thoughts quieted down and then I noticed visual thoughts were arising too. 


The visual thoughts are more subtle because they are "quiet", you may not even notice there are visual thoughts arising in your experience because they dont make any noise like how verbal thoughts do. 


We tend to not even notice them because how used to them we are. 


I notice that with visual thoughts always arising it's like im always daydreaming, when the eyes are closed im still "seeing". 


then it occurred to me that holy shit, I have no idea what its like to not see, like what it would be like if visual thoughts stopped arising too. 


If visual thoughts quieted down like the verbal thoughts, experience would literally disappear, it'd be like becoming blind. 


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7 minutes ago, Orb said:

@Devin thought takes subtle forms. If theres any method of language or communication, then thoughts are definitely arising. 


It doesn't matter if the thoughts are as primitive as a bunch of beeps and boops.

I think we're taught to translate actual thoughts(emotions) into words.

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