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Questioning the Beliefs


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I wanted to make a thread where we can share the beliefs that are so ingrained in us that it is heartbreaking to let them go. 


The tricky thing with the subtle beliefs is that they really seem true! 


The more subtle beliefs are the very skeleton of the ego, so letting go of these beliefs is literally ripping off your own limbs and body parts in a way. Which is why it can be difficult to put the beliefs down and let them go. 


Share any beliefs that really seem to be 100% true, and just let them go. 


Ill start: 


-Happiness can't be felt everyday.

-I have to change something in experience in order for happiness to be. 

-There is tomorrow, today, yesterday. 

-If pain/discomfort is felt, then something isn't right with experience. 

-There is a "feeler" or "experiencer".

-That any sensation is even felt.


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I could gain their approval or admiration


It will make me happy


It will make me not feel good


I will hate it


It would suck


That's a waste of life 


My life is more important than that


That's so boring


That's pathetic


That's a shame

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Any thought that has to do with time is delusion and distraction. 


Notice any moment you are inquiring if a thought arises like "I'll have to wait until later, maybe tomorrow it'll work, etc.". 


There isn't any time, time thoughts arise as a form of procrastination. Dispel them at once.


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"I'm gonna give up on this". 


"This meditation/practice didn't work, guess I'll try again tomorrow." 


"Why explore identity when I can watch porn and do drugs all day?". 


The sneakiness is sneaky.


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The self defeating giving up thoughts actually arise for the purpose of seemingly strengthening the ego, or at least trying to. 


The believing of that sob story is actually a trick to give the ego power.


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