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The sins of the ENFJ personality type

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Do you remember this?




Was just thinking, how shitty it would have been being a dancer or model from this video at these times. The indignity and sexual abuse that takes place in such these circles. And you did it just to carry across a little message about mahasamadhi. That's dedication

But that is actually what you seek.

It is your dream.

Not the abuse, but that wou are willing to put up with all the darkness just to carry across a little speck of light.

That is dedication. That takes strength.


Do you know how an ENFJ is archetyped as the Protagonist by the 16 personalities test.

Well, they just equally be the Villains.

Often coming across as people's people in public that manage and help but in the back actually using their Intuition to manipulate people.

You can say it is the dark side of an ENFJ.


If you are familiar with the goddess Kali in Hinduism. 

She has been depicted to kill darkness.

Well that is because Darkness is only temporary.

See it at this, there are 3 instances

The Good

The Neutral

The Dark


The Dark won't allow the Neutral to stay Neutral so if the scale should tilt, the Neutral will aid the Good in it's endeavor.  

So the Good has all the time to act on its agenda. 

And Darkness is only temporary and becomes a tool for the Good to strengthen itself.


This is one of my favourite jokes:

Not only is Darkness a tool for the light, but it also gets punished for being one ( as it should because its defying the divine will by actualizing it ) 😂


In simple words, enjoy your suffering.

Don't seek it, don't amplify it, don't cause it, don't look for a way out. Enjoy it.

Before you can blink with your eyes, it will be over and won't be able to affect you.

I promise you, it is only temporary.


In that sense:


Bailando. Bailando.



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