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How to Let go of Turbulent Emotions/Freakouts/Spider-Webbing


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Honestly the title of this thread is a bit of a trap to get peoples attention since the "answer" to this situation isn't something that's done by anyone. 


This is significant to me since ive had a history of freaking out and feeling lost in a storm of emotion. 


I promise if you remember this and allow it Into your experience the suffering will fade away. 


The number one key is to stop reacting to thoughts, emotions, and any sensation that's uncomfortable. That's it. 


No longer react. That means if a storm of overwhelming feelings comes up and all the catastrophic thoughts arise, put all awareness on the body, and let the body be completely still. 


Stay still in the midst of the emotional storm, don't even move (except for the lungs, they can move /expand and contract). Seriously!


Reaction (that means retracting from sensation, trying to push away from the sensation, trying to figure out how to end the sensation, etc.) actually perpetuates AND amplifies the seeming discomfort associated with whatever emotion, feeling, thought that arises. 


View emotions, thoughts, or any uncomfortable sensation like food in your stomach. 


If you ate something that's making your stomach gassy or uncomfortable, there's no need to freak out, just let the body be still and relaxed. If you run around with this stomach ache and start getting lost in tragic thought stories it'll only perpetuate it and make it worse, in fact the stomach ache might go away but still you'll be feeling bad from being lost in the thoughts now.


The uncomfortable thoughts/sensations that arise are like little imps that will feed on your attention, the more you react the more they keep on arising, they hate it when they aren't being reacted to and eventually stop arising. Although, the imps are innocent too. 


This just "happened" a while ago today and it was awesome. Uncomfortable sensations came up, thoughts came up about dramatic stuff and I remembered the magic of non-reaction and the suffering went away instantly, I don't even feel the discomfort anymore. 


Another helpful analogy: The uncomfortable energies can only pass through a relaxed conduit, if the conduit is contracted it will constrict the energies and will actually prolong the discomfort. In the same way the body is the conduit. 


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