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It´s quite frustrating!

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It´s quite frustrating that when I get high, it seems my usual thoughts and emotions or whatever you want to call it, that tortures me, don't exist in that state of consciousness.


When I get high I feel protected, safe, a sense of innocence, yes that's it...I finally feel not guilty! Oh how good it feels....


And I appreciate the opportunity to feel this but I would like to feel like this all day not just occasionally with drugs 

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Feel for ya brother. 

The way out of mental & emotional manipulation is not changing, replacing or adding anything such as another state.

It’s simply recognizing the manipulation. 

Liberation is not a getting out of or a changing of anything at all.

It’s the simple recognition of the truth; you’re already not in it. 

If you watch enough content which centers around unicorns, you’ll actually ask about where the better unicorns are, without noticing there already aren’t any. 


Idk, but it might not be guilt at all. Doesn’t sound like guidance. Sounds more like poltroonery all around. 

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