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I was listening to this yesterday, (video is timestamped to the section I'm referring to)

and came across a Facebook post by a friend who said she had unfriended anyone who posting anything about supporting Jason Aldean https://www.today.com/popculture/music/jason-aldean-try-that-in-a-small-town-controversy-rcna95562


Are we just being manipulated to talk about these issues? Do these issues really have nothing at all to do with race or any real discussion about racism whatsoever, but more to do with making money through polarization? 

 Youtube Channel  

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I doubt Aldean did it to be racist or divisive, just his/their reaction was very divisive.


Nike has been a social justice company from the beginning the founder is a serious philanthropist.


The article mentions Patagonia, Chouniard started the business as a nature lover. He quit using normal cotton because they had a ventilation malfunction at their facility and the chemicals in the fabric made some employees sick, he didn't just fix the ventilation system he started using organic cotton, for his employees long term health.

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I think the setting of the music video was too specific for it to be accidental. Also Nike has also been the subject of many scandals, sweatshops, lack of maternity support for athletes, etc, so it's hard to say. 


Why do we reward divisive manipulation for attention with our attention? When/will we get bored of it? By recognizing that I'm doing it right now? 😂


It's a lot like the phenomenon of the 5 minute craft channel, which apparently only goes in the direction of attention, not actually creating what any "real" person wants to create and put out into the world. 😂 Link to story if you haven't come across it... https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7mmqm/viral-russian-youtube-channel-5-minute-crafts-not-a-psyop-just-good-at-making-videos

 Youtube Channel  

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57 minutes ago, Mandy said:

I think the setting of the music video was too specific for it to be accidental.

That courthouse is a small town that let's major production filming happen in front of it, it's been used in other non Country videos.


Most people even big companies and stars are just fumbling and trying to do right, same with their supporters.

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