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Path of Enlightenment, Path of Self Realization, Path of Realization of Mental Illness


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Hello Guys. Before the realization I was diagnosed with the schizoid disorder. I was lack of sleep, had so many trouble with sleeping, mind talks without your control (like someone else is talking), major depression (I couldn't go out for weeks), major lack of lithium, the hormones did not produce enough endophrine and adrenaline by itself. I did many blood test and these were was giving to me. I reject to use medication. I was suicidal and tried to suicide 2 times. Then I start to search about pychedelics and the path. I was at the moment that I had nothing to lose except myself. Literally the bottom of the life, I had no emotion left whatsoever, no reaction for anything. 

If you have these kind of problems, enlightenment will help you to fix yourself, being more honest with yourself for therefore to others, body will tell you if you need medication to use or not to use, the one or two whoever talks in the mind is not you and that's the really key. Body can pick up it's mood, however the talker is the real problem. If you understand what and who is the talker, you will have a long life to live. That's why many enlightened teacher live longer than many average people. Because, when you are mindful and start to listen, without your action , everything will find its own way. If body need to use medication, it will use, if mind has to talk, it will talk and you will just watch and except it. After the fully exception all the symptoms will be demolished. Because, I is the one who is in control gets demolish. Enlightenment can fix all mental and body disease. You might die due to deasase but you will not suffer neither from death nor deasese. Therefore, no more deasese, the biggest deasase and reason of all deasese, the bottom and roof is the fear, which is the biggest enemy. Do everything that you fear. Path will be so clear. 


Hope helps. 



"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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