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I started using Facebook market place in order to make some money to pay bills for this month. If everything sells I should be making like 1k which will be enough to stay afloat for a month. 


Im mind blown by the fact that you can take out your phone, take a couple of nice pics of something you wanna sell and just sell it on the market place. And it does work. 


I did something similar with Offerup many years ago, I was a teenager and desperate for weed money so I sold a bunch of used video games on it and people actually drove to me and paid me in cash for games lol!


For anyone who wants to make quick money, just look around your house at stuff you barely use or that isn't serving you anymore. 


In terms of LoA lingo, it's pretty much alchemy, turning stuff into money!

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🤩🤩👊 Yeahhh!!💯💯 Killin it Orb!!👏👏


Oh yeah, your local government job and family services will help find you a job too.


You gotta admit the spiritual work made it easier to sell everything, minimalist.

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