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Coworker laughs at my suggestions

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I have this Indian woman at work who is constantly putting down my work. She is younger than me and I have more experience, so I usually share my thoughts easily in case something might pick up.

Some my ideas are really good, even my manager complimented me on them. Still, she finds a way to criticize them - like today in a meeting with everyone in there - managers/directors she said that doing things this way (which was my idea) turned out to be a “complete disaster, haha”. I don’t think it was a disaster at all, and we only tried it once. She always does it with a laughter too. Literally every idea I have she criticizes right away.


I don’t know what her problem is, and why does she want me to fail so badly. What should I do with her? 

She is very career focused and she’s been on the team longer, I think it really annoys her that I bring up all these ideas. 

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I wouldn’t think so either. I think the best thing you could do is not take it personally or be bothered by it at all. It sounds immature and negative and I wouldn’t tango at all in it. If she keeps it up, especially in front of management, they’ll likely say something about it to her. I also would be careful not to add to it for your sake. (That she wants you to fail badly or whatnot). Some idea’s are beneficial and work out and some don’t, and they probably see it that way too and appreciate the constructive contribution. They likely don’t appreciate her attitude as it’s not very synergistic & just creates something they’ll have to spend time addressing. Kind of a ‘give her more rope’ approach on your part. 

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