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Micro Lessons of todays **MODERN** Times

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Lesson 1: Unplugged


All of the following is quickly written on the fly but enjoy aye!








Let's all celebrate the Post-ChatGPT world!!!


Actually no,  let's use the changing social landscape to our advantage by watching how and where the tuna go!


Though most importantly, drawing hard boundaries between what's real vs what is fantasy as we watch culture confuse and try to blur the lines between the two.


Correction then, let's all celebrate the now obvious self-conclusion that the digital landscape has become so corrupt that its given our consciousness too much evidence now to conclude anything other than it was a complete delusional reality all along.


We just needed it to reach this level of extremity in order to feel the heat of the water under the hot stove, so if you haven't already, now's the time to feel the water starting to boil and like a toad jump out of the pot before its too late (internal organ failure due to boiling water).


Otherwise honestly, how much more evidence or more of a wakeup do you really need before you're going to get it, something analogous to a cancer diagnosis like a smoker from a doctor many of whom are also sucked in too deep into culture and ultimately used, unappreciated and sucked dry by their communities due to how low consciousness people are to be able to be grateful for where there is genuine goodness?



The internets now video game world means that its the best time in history to escape into reality rather than fantasy in order to live out the "good life" to the full extent of your imagination.


Get ahead of the existential cultural curve by viewing the internet as purely "AI territory" and the sensory world around you as your territory and you'll appreciate it now more than any other period in your life. If you even think even remotely that you're going to be able to cope in a reality where you'll be able to achieve happiness as a digital avatar in some virtual reality, you're completely done. Finished.


That is a business that is being marketed to you. They're entrepreneurs in a boat knowing exactly where all the thousands of tuna are hanging out and they're going to be creating inventions that enables them to keep the tuna procreating in that space so that they not only have a continual supply of tuna in the one spot but they'll also be able to control them completely as they slowly cement around the perimeter of the tuna in the ocean while they're not looking, at which point, your psyche will incur so much damage that you'll simply never be able to accurately discern between fantasy and reality relative to the purpose of consciousness and your own personal pursuit in that actualisation.


Just as you were deluded by materialism like all the rest of us for a certain period, don't be so naively arrogant to believe that you won't be able to be deluded by the digital world into believing that this and all of its products are the way to live the so called "good life" that has been popularised. Likely, its already too late for you and I wish you well. You're a simple human who's happiness is only truly found in a long lasting way in the actualisation of the deepest self-knowledge, its as simple as that really, life's super simple and that's a good thing as an attribute for "the good life".










SUMMARY: Across the board the internet (from social media to ChatGPT to all the various AI)  is now  the video game space that addicted the asian parents future child piano prodigy to world of war craft until he died at age 16 after too much Coca Cola to fight off his need for sleep. Now more than ever then as you watch even people that are meant to be visionaries of this world delude themselves on such low consciousness realities that there's a pre and post ChatGPT world (only because of pre-existing cultural delusions and false priorities just as there's a pre and post world of an entire population finally working out being a heavy smoker is a bad idea), disconnect yourself from the internet completely in order to be the sane voice of reason that helps people realise and follow their life purpose.





Go outside, smell the roses, feel the earth beneath your feet and become one of the few remaining sane people in the world.


And... Use the internet purely for:
(1) tiny tribal purposes
(2) making money off the tuna






Don't be a part of the patterns of culture, observe them as was intended for your consciousness to master and adapt to the wisdom your consciousness wants to self-create and give itself, then maybe too, the world in return when the signal/noise ratio of your environment is of high enough quality.






We're in a world of trouble from people now going from partially plugged in to completely plugged in, stay true to you and you'll naturally more and more never have to plug into any other reality than reality itself again.



Now's the time.

















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Lesson 2: Plugged


All of these are much more quickly written.



Bringing this journal to a close until after November 1st like the others unless otherwise stated.




Every middle (not right or left) handed moron talks about being unplugged into today's times and I agree with them hence why I made it number one, however what is the fundamental problem with plugging in anyway and what is worth plugging into? Plugging into implies that's where we're we are activating our power as well as there being a power exchange at play. We can perform power exchanges from consciousness to consciousness to set of consciousnesses, consciousness to idea, movement, paradigm, philosophy and more. Essentially, any emotion, thought, phenomenon or state we're giving our time, energy and attention to is where there is a consciousness exchange at play. My theory and its nothing Albert Einstein as its something we're all pretty observant of, is that the majority of the human race are not very intelligent when it comes to the discernment of truth and falsity and thus what normally occurs is that in todays present environment because there's so many destructive options to choose from to just options that are less than the truth, Russian roulette here most people tend to get shot (as in, choose some negative, generally an internal one) and its just a matter of the kind of gun and bullet they're going to get shot with and how aware they're going to be aware afterwards that they should probably do a switch up and make some life decisions, along with how quickly they both separately, heal and grow from those decisions and make the decisions along the way that are going to support the latter two.


[I'm not going to tell anyone to eat healthy, exercise, go outside more, feel the earth beneath you, be careful who you let into your social circle, etc, etc as you should of course already know these things because at least thank god we've had people preach the obvious here to increase the likelihood that people do things that are more positive for their consciousnesses well-being. Oh and if there's any +1 from me in this conversation in the practical sense, do the Wim Hof method breathing through your nose (so you don't incur the negatives that are possible like variations of lightheadedness). And by the way I've already talked about how to improve discernment by seeking falsity and all that see my Life Wisdom journal for some good pointers there that have helped me. ]


The biggest problem I see though is that the majority of the population of humans on planet earth are making their decisions on paradigms and abstractions of the external rather than paradigms and abstractions of the internal. For example, they're deciding between what externals are going to serve their internal world like deciding between fast food restaurants and social media platforms, then arguing about the culture of food and social life thinking that starting marching campaign is going to solve the issue more than they're learning to become aware of not just the internal world but the plurality to that, learning to abstract towards and from these worlds as their means of serving their differentiation of truth and falsity and then living out their external life through this means. This simple difference by the way is how we get stuck in blaming our parents for our shitty lives or just victimhood about anything rather than pulling a Viktor Frankl and the diary of Anne Frank. That is to say, that because we're not able to differentiate between the worlds internally we get absolutely stuck in those internal worlds thinking we're representing ourselves and do something analogous to a negative for our well-being like blame mode. Blaming is sweet, don't get me wrong, my psychology loves to blame and shame just as much as some goofer on the street crying out why no one will give em a dollar for their homelessness (no disrespect to the homeless, you've got a legitimate struggle and thus all power to you), however most of the time including myself in the past at times, blaming and shaming is so often done unstrategically relative to what would actually serve the growth of the situation. We have an internal world so that we can assess the external world not so we can fly around on our internal worlds monkey bars, learn a bunch of cool tricks in our imagination only to then act like a complete buffoon in the external realm as if to say we don't even have any kind of internal worlds when in fact we all do, the difference between us is simply how much we have grown our hearts and brains (for the most part) to serve their maturity versus how much we haven't and we've plugged into, yep I'm going to say it here I know cliche now right but don't use it as an excuse to watch the film heh... The Matrix.


This whole post is understanding what to plug into in our life and what most people don't realise is that The Matrix wasn't just about unplugging, it was about plugging into our inner world in a very special way. The Matrix was all about plugging into our inner world that generated inner authority, responsibility and power over the external not with greater ego but a genuine unification of internal energy that brought us closer to reality and therefore our unity with the external.


The identification of internal worlds and abstractions is the first step in our awareness at establishing self-governance. Self-governance is the authority we have over our being and its internal worlds only first established by what makes up our government and our responsibilities towards it in order to be able to do anything close to internal governance. This successful internal governance though is the very inner union that establishes external union as through the former we're growing the intelligence that organises our understanding on how to best use and grow our perception amidst its organisation of the rest of the main areas of our nervous system towards higher and higher levels of self-communication (self-communication as stated will be my next lesson that I go much more deeply into after November 1st as stated in my Life Wisdom journal). The rest of those main areas being the very areas of being that take part in the construction of and are responsible for our inner worlds.


The Matrix taught us to unplug, and what it also taught is that when we learn to plug into ourselves, just as Morpheus stated "He's beginning to believe", all that statement implied was the simpler version of what I'm stating here where Neo learn's to hone his energy centres so much that the internal unifies with the external and there is no longer this false sense of separation and union  instead separation union is now based in the truth of genuine alignment with the centres that makeup being, aka he's PLUGGING INTO WHAT MAKES UP BEING, UNIFYING THOSE ENERGY CENTRES AND THEN LIVING THE SELF THROUGH THAT CENTRE POINT FOLLOWED BY UNPLUGGING FROM THE MATRIX THAT USED TO FALSELY FEED HIM THE FALSE CONSTRUCTION THAT THE EXTERNAL WORLD DETERMINED HIS INTERNAL WORLD, AKA BECAUSE HE "HAD TO" BE PLUGGED INTO THE EXTERNAL IN SOME WAY, IF HE WAS UNSATISFIED WITH THE EXTERNAL OR VICE VERSA, HE'S SELF HAD TO MOULD IN A WAY THAT SERVED THAT FALSE CONSTRUCTION.


For Neo pre-true-belief, the false construction aka the matrix was his only means of determining that he had a self and how he should change. The external became the union he had to unify to rather than him serving the external through his internal union. Unplugging in the described sense doesn't mean switching off from the external, it means because we still have to plug into the right thing at the end of the day plugging into our internal divine intelligence that to the extent of that internal unity we just naturally serve our divine spiritual purpose in the exact same way portrayed in the film. Neo doesn't go to a fucking cave and sit there for the rest of his nonconsequential life or just live on the ship eating, shitting and sleeping until he dies haha that would be utterly purposeless and it would only be teaching that life is purposeless when its a false teaching for any matter created there is a juxtaposition to that matter which serves its purpose. Black is significant because we have white, white is significant because we have black, contrast informs meaning and meaning is informed by the order from the chaos that creates it which higher order of then serves the higher purpose we're discerning from the chaos consciousness that is otherwise our life when we're just sititng there doing absolutely nothing, not trying to unify our beings in the way that speaks to their greater intelligence, its totally and utterly a misunderstanding of the purpose of human nature even if its better than us wasting our lives away on eating popcorn, well of course it is duh, but a better alternative even if it is a better alternative that's workable doesn't mean that's what we should be doing, we should just be trying to workout the truth to consciousness and reality and the truth to both is never going to be the meaning we find from contrast and comparison in the same way black means something to white and vice versa based on being its opposite. The true meaning of black and white is held in context with everything else of course outside aesthetics like how human consciousness perceives light and creates sight in order for our visual field to have any meaning to us whatsoever, and that's just one dichotomous paradigm of light and sight to non light and sight that means something to the truth to consciousness and reality with respect to the nature of black and white just in the same way that the benefits of going into a cave and that being your place of shitting and eating is not the end of your search for truth and meaning and you know it and you're lying to yourself if you think otherwise, you're just retiring from life which is all good if you've reached that point but you can't say that you're genuinely living it if that's the way you're going to choose the way to live the rest of your life if you're say age 7. Your parents shouldn't have had you if that's the case and I shouldn't give birth to my future children if that's the kind of life that I want them to live, I mean surely you see how crazy that is right? I'm going to have children so that when they're 7 they can graduate to live in a cave for the rest of their lives, I mean what the fuck? Clearly what's happened is, I've become so fucked in the head that I think the purpose to life is having children and having them watch over life in a cave and then to eventually give in to pleasure whereby they repeat the same process by having children so that they too get to experience a life of shoveling poo and food scraps from the cave because there's no toilets or bins there and then repeating the generational cycle. I mean, this is the perfect example that can help us see the absolute absurdity of modern society as well and what people have fallen into the matrix of. They have children and they give em to the matrix of society by endorsing the role of government to have them indoctrinated into whatever label the government wants to give them, they serve the government . I mean, no wonder why to some people living in a cave to shit, eat and meditate is like a "better than alternative" here because they see how wasteful government, society and the like are being but what we need to learn to become where we have the lifespan is the people that shape government and society or at the very least, continue to not give up by learning to understand ourselves and follow our divine purpose that follows from that genuine understanding that can only come from the growing and maturity of our intelligence overtime to then inform ourselves to make decisions always either "greater than i.e. the matrix" or in service to that something greater based on achieving that higher level of inner unity that automatically leads to decisions speaking to the greater unification of all of life not just what's within if we're truly becoming mature and responsible human beings where our existence matters more than the shit we're shoveling out of our cave and the meaning of our existence sort of spells out why the earth has to put up with us shitting on it and eating it rather than just being entitled little brats thinking well okay our species just deserves this. No, our deserving only comes relative to our capacity for unification and its as simple as that because as more broadly we go out the more disunity there is that's a direct correlation between the degeneration of the planet in which we live and that continues to sustain our existence and our incapacity to continue the existence of our species, so there's zero argument here to be made even in the context of where you try to turn a cave planet, aka Mars, into something like Earth only because it doesn't have humans there yet to fuck it up and create the positive there towards what would turn it into the same imbalanced solution to eradicate our species and its perfectly sound reasoning to say that's just simply what we deserve if we don't choose unification. It's nothing personal, its nothing against us there's not judgement its just a natural course of what happens to species the less they're able to what we call "adapt and survive", our purpose has nothing to do with survival and everything to do with unification, survival is an implication to our unification, we've reached that point now where we've created so much instability through our desire to survive that we now have no choice but to choose the highest option that created us to begin with, for no life at all is possible on planet earth including the makeup of our beings structure without the unification of that structure and its balance with the environment that creates it i.e. you've never seen a skeleton walking around outside of films, etc right? It requires the rest of the body to be unified with it in order to exist and continue to exist.


And this is of course the great conclusion to my reference to The Matrix analogy, Neo realised this as well. He reached his highest unification, and therefore his mere existence monotony of his survival and adaptation in a failing paradigm turned into his highest unification that bonded him to the change of the world. Change of the world not through destruction though there were cool fighting scenes but through the understanding of the laws of the matrix and governing himself towards the highest unification between the matrix and his highest personal inner resolve, which is precisely what every human being needs to achieve. The discovery of their highest personal inner resolve towards the external based on the unifying of self through the discovery, organisation, development and maturity of their inner intelligence that shows them through their intuition their purpose and how to go and get shit done based on this self-determined pursuit.


This now concludes the groundwork for what to plug into concerning our own existence. Now I'm going to become a little bit more practical here.


Experience is very much just like television programming and you realise this the more awareness you have, including bodily awareness especially the informational feedback between areas of awareness as they get into this back and fourth between describing to one another the kinds and natures that exist within and between them and how they cooperate, as well as the more awareness you've learned to use in the right way kind of as described here, the more you will become aware of the fact that mere thought, emotion, energy production from all the right centres and so on and so fourth as I've been talking about throughout my journals in different ways, is purely television programming. That's all well and good but what is your relationship to that television programming? Are you just some "Jedi Witness" that does nothing with their life though by the way I've never known a Jedi to do nothing with their life I mean we all grew up with Star Wars right, or are you worse, a character caught in the television program just running their usual script like an actor would in a television according to how they were told by the producer aka all of their environmental influences if we extent the analogy to real life? And of course I'm sure I don't need to say that Neo is the character that became aware that he was a part of a television program with predetermined lines in the exact same way The Architect tried to convince him of, that everything was predetermined more or less and that there was nothing he could do about it, he was trying to convince him that he didn't have any free will, that he was stuck in the program and there was nothing he could do to escape the next line in the script that was assigned to him. Lastly, to conclude Neo here, what he does is exactly not only what I have stated but he achieved god realisation, that's what it was all about if we correctly analogise the the unfoldment of his evolution in a spiral dynamics way with the unfoldment of his spiritual enlightenment if you've all seen the trilogy.


I have already given the Origins point of the Matrix in reference to the path towards higher development, the recognition of the internal and therefore the beginning of the separation with the deterministic universe created by The Architect and the realisation of internal unity that translates into unification with The Matrix through the following of the divine purpose that naturally unfolds via the realisation of the unification point which is the nexus of the highest intelligence achieved within in recognition of the highest intelligence of the universe, the endpoint of this realisation then for any human, is god realisation.


It's not rocket science, people just have ego backlashes about it. Moreover there's different levels of understanding here, you can get it intellectually but then fail emotionally and totally forget the rest of the world around you including your loved ones that are living their lives locked or unlocked, unplugged from the bad and plugged into the good or not. It's very easy to make god-realisation just another form of ego-realisation and we call it narcissism and the way to distinguish between the two is you don't need god realisation, you're just moving to the most intelligent direction of your development as informed by your inner worlds aka inner energy centres that they're just going to take you there naturally the more awareness and communication they have with one another, that's just how these laws play out in this particular universe, as in, that's the deterministic resolve and throughout our existence there is this continual balance between determinism of the binding laws and those same laws that have freedom in them which enable any kind of god realisation and therefore the capacity to live beyond determinism in the first place. Most people are called deterministic rat in mazes because they fucking are, its exactly how the matrix created them. None of em introspect, differentiate and unite all the aspects of their being so how the fuck are they going to have any awareness that is different from the masses that speak to the deterministic action they've been taught to be conditioned to follow? So of course there's no free will Sam Harris, it an't rocket science, the universe is not rocket science, we create lots of cool stuff because we have the intelligence to break and make and overtime we're getting better and better here, however its a natural consequence to this non-rocket science world that as our self understanding grows combined with our awareness, so too does our escape from any imprisonment to determinism, again its not rocket science, its not something that's cool although it can be liberating and its important for many ego's on this planet to have a sense of free will but sense doesn't equal free will nor the ego for it, understanding and genuine awareness is all that is equal to any supposed free will that I most certainly whole heartedly believe in relative to that understanding because God beyond this physical body certainly didn't live in a deterministic universe to create the one we live in to realise our own god realisation.


So... I'm going to end this here, otherwise its going to be more and more difficult to top my writing in the future haha. Remember, these are meant to just be micro lessons of the times. But to just get a hint for more here, being a god is just something you are and have to accept as a consequence of being more god than a stupid ant. I mean, you have the power to create such amazing things in your mind that an ant would never be able to do, in so saying as much, you are a god and the more you unplug from all the gaslighting (which by the way Leo was a good video, I give you a lot of smack sometimes but you did a really, really great job on that video) that's trying to dissociate you from this natural realisation of your power, the more you're going to be able to tap into it, realise yourself beyond merely being an actor in a television programming spitting out and being affected by all your bodies programming telling you how to think, feel and act, and instead more and more tap into the awareness that leads to the intelligence of self-governance that I have been talking about throughout this post which matures the relationship between the centres that create those thoughts, feelings, etc and the intelligence between those origin points and governing points to create an increasingly more developed and advanced Self. This is god realisation from the perspective of your divide with the universe, as in you were created from one sense to rule the universe by relative extents simply because you have any power at all, aka what humans are simultaneously trying to do while still getting gaslighted on it and then those same people trying to do it hence why any word like *empowerment* exists at all, and then you have the capital G god realisation with respect to the highest unification between self and universe. It's super, super simple and not complicated at all, the complications are merely the gaslighting which is basically everything that Neo was programmed to believe that operated against that moment happening where Morpheus said that above line, "He's beginning to believe", as in all the brainwashing, social and conditioning that was acting against his interests towards making the necessary realisations towards this spoken Unity Intelligence.


The Matrix is a dramatisation of what we're capable of granted, at least presently, however we need those extreme examples to juxtapose present life so we can see it in practice much more vividly, contrast helps our understanding just as the maximum contrast of bringing black and white next to one another with another colour like red and blue gives us the contrast necessary to serve an imagination for every other colour that is possible between and them. To me The Matrix is one colour of that 2 colour and 2 shade contrast comparison where our world is the black and white world that we exist in which the majority struggle to imagine the colour of, our inner world is one colour that shows us the potential for the broad spectrum of colour we're yet to realise and share unification with the outside world on so that we can bring unification of the inner and outer in their meeting of unifying colours with the boldness of black as instead our parameters and the white as the path of light that we do not bend in seeing and following.





























Plugged in.

























I'll be back here on November 2nd or later as stated in previous journals.


















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