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Life wisdom up to this point (distilled pure, simple and beautiful ideas that ARE life-changing).

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Just jumping right into it. These are all on the fly but they're genuinely my best distilled ideas that I'm imparting from the bottom of my heart and where it pops out of me associationally, some entertaining satire for the benefit of releasing some BDNF in you (there's a correlation between genuine laughter and BDNF production, anyhow let me now open the door to this informational plaza hotel I assure that you shall only be treated in the most 5 star of ways).





Solely focus on evolving yourself into your highest possible vision for what it means to be a trustworthy being.


(it works internally and externally,  for the latter we are social creatures (even in the absence of beings we still have the psychic universe that exists under the basis of psychism being a fundamental predicate to the universe's existence hence why there is anything that ever got assigned as a 'paranormal reality' vs one that is not)  so why are you focusing on something different and for the former you should only be working out all the nuanced ways in which you can improve your self trust and of course the first step doesn't involve lying to oneself.


For truth, seek falsity and remove it slowly.


Truth : Trust


They live together, so make sure they treat each other right in your mind and very separatively while also connectively, your heart.



To the inverse of that and you should often work with inverses as they help in determining falsity, forgive other people that are not able to meet your standards here completely while also remember your personal boundaries. Notice how forgiveness is an operative principle of external trust and personal boundaries is a key idea of self-trust. Without the former, you're much more likely to be angry with others for things that don't even make sense to reality and without the latter even if you're stocked up on forgiveness oxytocin pills like a junkie on social acid burning away what would otherwise be internal hate crimes you've self-inflicted on your psyche you have to remember that you live in reality, not your imagination which is your imagination of what reality is, in order for us to be in reality we have to be of course constantly investigating every forgiveness acid crack drug dealer on every street corner that is giving you fake pills that you keep forgiving them for selling you after you end up buying the real ones afterwards. Aka, not everyone is a princess and just because you've forgiven them employ some intelligence with your boundaries, intelligence that is equivalent to your highest wisdom as well as your process for learning and reflection therein.



Sadly, and feel free to debate me in this journal though please employ some wisdom when communicating with me, if you aren't able to accept this truth you don't understand life enough yet though don't worry I get it, these things take time but even if you don't agree with me, don't say it isn't true until you've truly proved it to yourself that its not and when you've finally reached that point I'd be more than happy to have a good discussion about it here as I'd rather remove my own falsity than to keep repeating it in my head as the supposed truth.


A guy like me though... With the amount of hours that I give to any of my ideas... I make Garry Kasparaov look like A, B, C Kindergarten love.


Lastly, when I use words like "solely" don't take it too literally and don't take anything I say too literally, when push comes to shove sometimes, and in fact quite a lot of the time without us even being aware of it our insights will need to operate symbiotically while at the same time "solely" is still a word that needs to be employed in our kinaesthetic action of the wisdom.



Much love.


The world has only fragmented before our eyes over the decades of our lives relative to its misunderstanding of this truth I have expressed here, you become the leader of what it truly means and learn to TRUST YOUR VISION over mine, I've just led you to your own vision, you don't need to follow mine)




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Pretty much any tenet, principle, value, etc from here on out is just going to be a byproduct of the above (and again prove me wrong if you can but please introspect deeply before doing so), for example the following one:


2. Never make a decision unless you truly, truly believe in it.



This is a great one that ties in with my dating journal where I refer to intuition. You are doing someone a disservice not just yourself if you aren't bringing them the you that believes in them. It hurts them to be half-hearted, it really does. It makes their life whole if you're full hearted in the described sense because you wouldn't have made the decision to believe in them unless as I refer to in my dating journal your intuition still needs work. Most people completely waste their entire lives when they are unable to spend the time to contemplate if they don't already have an intuitive handle on the subtle relationships between the nature of truth, trust, intuition and belief as well as of course, relating to the first principle expressed above, the unique ties in a social, intersubjective, personal and personally social sense. This is the precise way to build immense confidence slowly overtime THAT MAKES SENSE and is unbreakable.



Remember that these are distilled down into the most pure, simple and beautiful truths that under the microscope have severe radical complexities that you likely wouldn't understand and that I myself would struggle to comprehend just how much more I still needed to understand their implications even while bearing them on my shoulders like a train after intensely stressing myself to try to reach their limits.


I have failed on this just as you likely have. I will work as hard as I possibly can to never do that again, slowly growing day by day in my greater awareness here.


Lastly, remember what I said in the previous post about the process to use as a minimum on finding the truth we have the slow building of intuition then we have the more mechanical handles of actively seeking falsity in ourselves, our perceptions and everything else of certain relevance here then slowly removing it / as quickly as possible and as deeply as possible.



Stay strong.




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[repost: made #3. more simple, pure and beautiful --- my bad -- may re-write in the future but its pretty self explanatory now, it may just take a bit to click for you but you'll get there.


All of these will likely be polished again in a month or two. ]












3. Never lose faith in the truth of your consciousness and hope in continually fulfilling its highest universal creative purpose.

(My readers here may be saying....  BUT!!!! What about intuition for number 3, self-knowledge, awareness, wisdom or truth as you've been going on about repeatedly?!!?!?!
Because everything must properly interconnect and I haven't laid the groundwork yet for those very deep concepts to make sense fully beyond stereotypical reactions)


My next best possible higher move, insight and experience is explained by my not losing faith and hope in the previous instance, the spark of creativity ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY contains some level of faith and hope within it, so ALWAYS have faith and hope as your bare minimum input into understanding how enjoying  and potentializing our consciousness experience is even possible.


[Respecting the hyper-dimensional chain of causality or for novices, let’s just start with the 3D chain]







The previous title of three before this repost that now merely adds to reasoning here:

Negative emotions equal positive lessons to learn towards future positive emotions; Positive emotion is for creative consciousness and consciousness is solely for the purpose of mastering creation and its own growth.


If we didn’t have consciousness, we wouldn’t be able to contemplate and imagine both our states as they are and the ability to imagine alternate states and therefore the very purpose of consciousness itself is to create into the positive. For, inform yourself on what reality then exists to support the purpose of consciousness existing for the purpose of creating negative states. Granted, we have the POWER to create negative states within ourselves and a lot of us, even those radical enough to just do it for reckless scientific purpose like myself, and arguably all of us still choose the negative. It is stated by modern academics in psychology that human beings have a natural tendency towards possessing a negativity bias, however I don’t believe that at all, you look at your average 5 year old that is from a good environment and its the exact opposite. The evidence is that what is most correlated with a negativity bias is unsurprisingly three things (1) negative experiences (2) negative processing of those experiences (3) following from three, the inaccurate deriving of the life lessons to learn from those experiences.


You must seek to understand the lessons of negative emotions [WARNING: I do not just mean “don’t touch the stove” lessons I also mean understanding as I talk about below how your actual being works from separately and in connection to one another, your heart, brain and mind, as well as general emotional, cognitive and psychological intelligence that all work together sometimes through poor micro habits learned how to create those negative emotions that you must reverse engineer in some way to get out of and move to the natural positive as was always intended for your experience of consciousness ], that is their purpose; you must understand that positive emotion is to be used for creative consciousness and that consciousness is there to enable you to create into the positive. For every negative emotion we occupy the space of that we’re not properly addressing not necessarily with a positive mindset but in understanding the nature of consciousness and its purpose through this genuinely accurate understanding, we are purposefully turning the inaccurate use of our own beings into future modern scientific articles that turn the widespread misuse of our own beings into something that must be intrinsically true about our own nature but as we’re learning here, is completely false as so many modern scientific understandings especially in modern psychology that as we can see with the example above (false consensus of negativity bias), sometimes moves at a snails pace in the opposite direction to reality, which is of course, the absolute worst possible outcome when it comes to the discovery of a supposed truth because when they finally get there, they’re even more certain that the Earth is flat than if it were to be a quick realisation in the positive.


I’m going to bring up this lesson in different ways moving forward in my expression of future wisdom to become because I know that its going to be a little tricky for many minds to wrap their heads around this one and you shouldn’t at all blame yourselves and the reason for that is pretty simple, people have been seeing that the earth is flat in this respect for a very long time. One of the interconnections to a certain angle of the insight here is of course on free will, whereby a modern neuroscientist by the name of Sam Harris achieved massive popularity predicated on his ability to argue on the belief in the absence of free will. And that’s the humiliating thing here even though there’s still tremendous value in his side of the story, consciousness aka sentience is all free will is and the process of mastering our intelligence is the process of generating the self-knowledge on our inner workings as accurately and thoroughly as possible. So that self-intelligence equals that self-knowledge to translate directly and as deeply as one can achieve into the self-mastery that reflects the functionality of that free will for the purpose of free will and therefore consciousness here, to master creation and consciousness growth, to listen to the feedback of negative emotions and convert them into the wisdom one must learn. Wisdom of course is a totally misunderstood concept as well that I’ll have to get into in order to help remove the smoke and mirrors on this subject, some people may simply interpret wisdom as “how to live ones life externally”, however wisdom can be something as simple as applying an improved way to meditate, like I would never meditate without a metronome now in order to have that described necessary feedback reality I talked about in the process of self-mastery in my final post on page one of Books I, II, III and IV before I prompt people to go to page II. Wisdom as purely, simply and beautifully as possible is simply “true understanding” and following that “true understanding”, which is why its of course so important to follow the process of deriving truth in the way I expressed at the beginning of this journal otherwise you of course end up like those snail paced scientists that unknowingly glorify their inaccurate perceptions of reality as ignorantly as the villager in 100 BC eating those poison berries simply because he believes what he’s told about their good fortune rather than trusting the depth of intelligence found in his deeper senses (if the villager has knowingly to unknowingly developed their intuition in the way I have expressed is necessary in both this journal and in my dating journal).


We got hurt because we misunderstood (somewhere along the lines). We continue to hurt because we continue to misunderstand. We continue to hurt one another because we continue to misunderstand one another and not learn from our experiences whereby we derive the necessary lessons which could be wisdom as simple as learning about how to use the intelligence of our hearts in the most literal sense and heal them through that exact intelligence, as well as even through this conduit, expand our consciousness in reflection of its described purpose, the more mature use of our free will whereby we not only learn to avoid the choice we have to create internal negative with it but also through the purpose of our hippocampus and the creative use of our corpus callosum, we harness it towards all self-knowledge that aids us in growing it to its highest positive. Mastering potential at its highest end point looks nothing other than the full evolution of the positive in being and being a witness to all the transformation that follows from all our positive actions that take place from here, which could be as simple as me writing this entry as well as the automatic positive imagination my mind is performing on the future before it happens so I have foresight armed with wisdom that can avoid needless future hindsight while at the same time giving myself the best chance of performing hindsight in the future where I learn the most because I’ve worked from a higher starting position. This invariably leads to a positive feedback loop that reflects the described purpose of consciousness where consciousness is continually updating its self-knowledge while advancing to higher and higher levels of consciousness in growing its foresight as it compares itself against hindsight and through the feedback loop of growth here, deriving the most simple, pure and beautiful truths about reality which reflect ones highest wisdom for where they are in their developmental period. We have a physical developmental period that largely happens by itself with minimal effort from us other than the bare basics and then we have the physical and psychological developmental period that extends indefinitely throughout our life that in being birthed with this consciousness, we have simultaneously been birthed with the responsibility of learning how to use our free will towards the realisation of ultimate truth.


When everything is conceptualised and emotionally balanced on both this subject and that of our own lives, life given we’re both emotional, cognitive and all round energetic beings, starts to become the romantic life with the poetic ending that all great films have because we become the example of the life that learned how to use consciousness in the right way and therefore the way that is appealing to literally all human beings on earth as its what all human beings are trying to learn to do. This is how films work. They take advantage of their understanding that consciousness is looking for the ultimate story to reflect in its own life, so when a person goes and sees a film your average viewer is just thinking “oh cool I’m going to see a film tonight” however deep underneath the Jungian and Freudian surface what is actually happening is that their consciousness believes its going to figure out how to use its consciousness and therefore act in life better as it mirrors this in the exact same way when its playing back its memories and hearing stories from others around ancient tribal campfires when we didn’t have films to pass on wisdom back then. All “story” is and the entertaining feeling therein is solely for the purpose of consciousness working out how to workout how to act in this reality, however this has of course been bastardised by the film, music and entertainment industry in general. Though, you must give them the benefit of the doubt here in their failure for if scientists who have studied for decades only to make a false truth popular across the populace like “there is no self and there is no free will” then you must also allow some space to forgive those in Hollywood and wherever else where they have unknowingly had the responsibility of teaching human beings not only self-knowledge but also how to actually learn and teach self-knowledge to themselves at a bare minimum, through self-exploration and self-observation.


If you have hope here, you have hope all the necessary dimensions you need to lead to the hope that catalyses the rest of consciousnesses requirements (i.e. love, sense of freedom, sense of curiosity, sense of exploration, sense of bravery) for the highest fulfilment of everything you need for the potentialisation of your highest experience.





Much love!





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"My next best possible higher move, insight and experience is explained by my not losing faith and hope in the previous instance, the spark of creativity ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY contains some level of faith and hope within it, so ALWAYS have faith and hope as your bare minimum input into understanding how enjoying  and potentializing our consciousness experience is even possible."









Repeating this entry and experiencing that click is the effect of the positive feedback loop between meaning and the true meaning of consciousness interacting with your divine intelligence automatically refurbishing its internal energetic environment to function in correspondence to this truth of consciousness.

















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Repost. See bottom.
(after ====)






(see previous two posts)







You're probably like, "it is really, really difficult to not lose faith and hope in the way that you're trying to teach it", and seriously...


Go easy on yourself...




This is the first time you've likely done something like this where you're pairing self understanding with a process of self realisation where the action of your continual recall is being used to shape consciousness with its own intelligence for the pursuit of self-realising itself in the immediate instance. Or at the very least, its likely that the process of doing this, has never been something that you've been as vividly aware of in the process of feeling the effects and then remembering to be aware of them again and feel those same effects by using that process like waiting for blood to move in the body after you've cut off circulation.


In this instance you're using your mind in the way that its meant to be used, to give the brain, heart and other important organs POSITIVE CIRCULATION, giving yourself blood circulation after initially purposefully restricting it will feel the same as watching the higher electrical and general activity that comes from this POSITIVE CIRCULATION you're learning to now take an ACTIVE role in instructing with your mind.


This is the purpose of our prefrontal cortex, and we must understand the purpose of all brain regions and continually realise increasingly greater creative ways of using our hemispheres to regions, etc, etc to generate the greatest pairing between OUR INTELLIGENCE and THE TRUTH OF ITS HIGHEST REALISATION within being.













I've got some super, super fascinating life wisdom coming up 3 months down the track.


Say when I get to about #100 here (so we're on 3 now) during that time period will be when I start releasing super, super nuanced ideas that essentially become what regular folk will perceive as super human.


[ super nuanced ideas: on the interrelationships between awareness, intelligence, agency, will, creativity, consciousness, regulation, growth, plasticity and more ]


You see, just in the same way we perceived it to be super human when we first learned about people being able to "control their heart-rate" you'll be perceived as super human if you follow along here and connect the dots enough that you're able to like I'm now very slowly successfully teaching myself to manually increase BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) in my brain through certain training I'm doing where only one of the dominant purposes to that training is on the release and growth of BDNF.


Aka to get to the long story short without going into needless implications like also regulating our own dopamine, serotonin, etc, etc, what you're learning to master here which is why PFC (prefrontal cortex) training is so important, is the mastery of your consciousnesses capacity for plasticity, with neuroplasticity being only one of the many important terms in the glossary we'll learn at a much more deep level down the track.



This is why I must release everything very slowly, so that its super easy to reach the conclusion in ones subconscious mind that like the hacket mile being finally achieved aka running a mile in under 4 minutes, its super easily applyable (new word aye, why is that?) information once you've reached #100 that right now, probably feels like a dream that's an impossible reality only achievable via technological neuroenhancements of some kind, but its obviously a fucking lie haha in light of these two examples I've given and the many other countless real life examples I could continue to provide.



Coming up, the next 5 or so lessons really synthesise the underlying network I've created in these first 3 major lessons giving a fundamentally unbreakable blueprint for ones consciousness to generate the meanings necessary to really understand at a much more profound level what self-communication, self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-mastery and wisdom, among other, really mean to the purpose of our subconscious functions meaning, that the LIGHTS WILL TURN ON in the subconscious and begin to form new habits that operate simultaneously together in the same way I've expressed in the beginning of this post learning happens for consciousness through its divine intelligence and the application of true information about itself.





So what are the implications of this? You're talking about slowly increase the percentage by which you have absolute personal agency on the growth of anything from your creativity to your intelligence and more.


That's freaking unreal.






Stay beautiful, beautiful's.... Yeeehah!










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So bringing this journal to a close now until at least November 2nd as well.


I wanted to end with a subcomponent of what was going to be a larger blueprint of “6. Self-Communication” as the next life principle or some better title than this, however I will focus on this specific area of self-communication relative to how I see it as largely a gap in the field of psychology, therapeutic practice of any kind and just the functioning of literally any person I have ever come across with the exception of what I am growing and noticing within myself. An’t that fucking bullshit? You got it.


When I read how deep peoples problems are as well, I barf at my previous self thinking that my expressions have been easy to take in, understand and self-realise immediately so sorry about that. There are of course, pre-existing micro-habits we’re following within being that we’re not even aware of that after their employment our hearts are already being made up by a mind that is following automatic patterns that we can’t just immediately untangle with an all encompassing insight that needs more constructive footing, so this may be my approach here in the future a little more.


So I stated this in my previous post: “super nuanced ideas: on the interrelationships between awareness, intelligence, agency, will, creativity, consciousness, regulation, growth, plasticity and more”

Which understandably, would mean absolutely nothing relative to where there is the absence of experience in feeling those interrelationships first hand experientially when it says comes to being hyper-aware of the movement of activity and the rest of our nervous system. This will be my approach at the very least with the following next and last life lesson until I have done the personal inner work I need to do following my father’s passing between now and November 2nd.

4. Heart to brain awareness to building "pain/sensation" receptors in the right areas and back again.


As simply as possible…


Brain and heart equal farms that grow different types of energy. One of those energies is our awareness.

Our awareness can increase and decrease as well as change its qualities relative to the qualities and strength of energies produced by the brain and heart. Including, how those energies interact between the two and connect with one another.


The brain and the heart are like two separate consciousnesses designed to generate information that is valuable in helping us decide the decisions we should make in life.


When our hearts are damaged, our brains become damaged. When our brains become damaged, our hearts become more vulnerable to damage. When either is damaged, our minds become damaged. When our minds become damaged, our awareness becomes damaged. When our awareness becomes damaged, our sentience becomes damaged. Notice our there is a distinction between all of these.


At the fundamental level, when it comes to the future more broad discussion on “5. Self communication”, we want to be able to have all of our centres functioning and communicating as best as possible because they each create energy which contribute to any one unified energy in the present moment that is really made up of all these and more interacting generators and spaces between them. The creation and movement of energy relative to the design of spiritual purpose is all that instructs our lives and how we wish to live them, or can live them. The mastery of this creation and movement then is in our self-knowledge of these centres, their interactions and the employment of our awareness, which is a certain kind of energy, on the energy they create relative to that spiritual purpose. If there is damage to any one of these generators and movers of energy, there is damage to the energy that creates our spiritual purpose and leads us to following our spiritual purpose. Spiritual purpose being the very reason that we would at all be interested in generating any level of wisdom about life, even if that spiritual purpose hasn’t yet been articulated well to ourselves yet. Spiritual purpose being a natural consequence of the healthy interaction between the heart and brain to produce the awareness that creates a mind which self-reflects on the experiential energies its gone through in life where spiritual purpose acts as an energetic mirror relative to the health of mainly these two generators of experience.


But first before I go any further, are you even aware of your heart? Do you feel anything there? Do you feel its subtle energies?


I used to struggle with dissociative symptoms due to my early upbringing so I can tell you that there used to be periods where I just wouldn’t experience anything in my body really so I understand what it’s like to not even be really aware of anything there especially when I’m not used to it. It’s amazing you know, we go through life never identifying important energy generators like these that are there to help guide us in our lives and instead of navigating these areas with the wisdom of their strategic mastery we just kind of go with the ebb and flow of one feeling to the next “I feel x therefore I will do y” or “I don’t feel x therefore I won’t do y”. A regular psychologist would be trained to get one to use cognitive behavioural therapy techniques which essentially improves the heart-brain communication indirectly because they’re getting you to critically think about emotions but in an experiential cognitively explorative way. However, this only indirectly gets into the experiences of the curvatures of the heart and any other important place say within our brains in the some way a cryptographic linguist is in a brute force way going from one password to the next. What we need to learn is CBT, sure its got one thing right, its good to come up with linguistic patterns that help our awareness locate emotional patterns that need addressing but its in a PATTERN-MATCHING way more than it is simply learning that there’s a pain at the tip of your toe because you have touch receptors located there that are capable of sending a signal from your toe to your brain and then to your mind for you to be aware of “I have a pain in my toe and it feels like x degrees with y qualities”. That’s a hell of a lot more reliable than PATTERN-MATCHING whereby you’re cryptographically going from one question to the next drilling the brain asking it where the pain is based on pairing a pattern of possibility with the pattern of occurrence going from one area of the body to the next, and that’s if you even choose to check if there’s pain. Most likely you’ll have to wait until you see your toe bleeding as your feedback before you’ll bother to contemplate or at the very least make the inference that its worth contemplating.


Don’t you think then its a lot better to develop pain receptors if we didn’t have any, like that would be a good invention right? Don’t you think that this is a much better way to go about it for our emotional lives and other energetic purposes (i.e. intuitive life)?


Why the hell am I the only dude that’s thought of this? Anyhow, who cares let’s just get down to business.


So at the beginning I titled this “Heart to brain awareness to receptors and back again.”, so what we’re simply doing is analogously speaking, taking our arm and saying to ourselves “what does our left/right arm look like, feel like in as nuanced and detailed of a way as possible? Secondly, what are all its possible actions?” To do this we have to rotate our arms around, build a memory bank of all the features, go from big picture thinking to detailed patterns, and more than this, what does all of this work actually mean when it comes to building our arm strength? How about in comparison to another persons arms? We have to then build an inventory of awareness around the right exercises and our goals here. And secondly, slowly develop an inventory on how other peoples arms are different as another way we can generate creative ideas and accurate perceptions on our arm?” And then that’s of course all just on the outside, we can of course get x-rays, ultra-sounds and more.

So why haven’t we created this for our hearts and brains yet? Because we’re stupid ego based creatures that are set in our ways and sometimes miss the most obvious of ideas that’s all it is.


Our feeling, emotional and cognitive worlds are so rich and complex, what’s even more difficult is that they’re located beneath a layer of flesh, and worse, scientific, cultural and social dogma to drama about the truth of our functioning heh.


So, we’ve already been focusing on advancements in this area through neurofeedback devices, I remember something like the emotiv epoch for example, however what is fundamentally more important is the neurofeedback device that’s already in our head. Our freaking awareness yo and the feedback loop it has with our memory with our remembering of particular states of being which because we barely train their interrelation, we barely get a rich depository of information that helps inform us with the where’s, how’s and why’s regarding consciousness states that then overtime automatically grows receptors on both the heart and brain, that is signals that signal to each other and other network to help this process of awareness functioning more and more efficiently and deeply overtime. Where at a very practical level, someone goes from merely saying something simplistic about themselves “I feel angry all the time I don’t know what to do with myself” to “I feel anger on the upper left part of my heart, I can feel it pressing in my brain in this area here, I feel my mind contracting on the frustration of the experience to this left side whereas to the right side I feel it more open, as if I am semi aware of it, and in the upper level of my mind I can even feel myself enjoying the feeling of anger on some level but in the bottom area, there is a mixture of control, empathy and self-judgement which then angles to an entanglement of guild and shame that I am only semi-aware of compared to this broader encompassment. I feel that this shame-guilt entanglement is responsible for at least half of the frustration, and at least another quarter of that frustration is created by the fact that this experience is happening all over again with this person where I thought we were beyond this point already, this explains at least 10% of that noted guilt and at least 5% of that noted shame.” “I feel angry” does nothing for really being aware of the layers of that feeling and the electrical signals of both, so at the very least there is the space for *meta-multiplex-identity-awareness* that translates into the following.


This is what I mean by developing receptors that get at the curvatures of emotions at a much more detailed level, then combined with that we build the memory which builds the patterns which also reinforces the receptor growth based on building the patterns which in turn build our overall intelligence between this ongoing interaction between receptor growth, experience and awareness. The second aspect is the concrete application of our awareness, how an obvious area of growth is on the various ways we can hold vs release our awareness in different areas of the body and in this case our heart, brain and mind, as well as other projective areas. Separate to holding and releasing, we can locate areas in our nervous system (i.e. heart/brain), communicate with our nervous system through various holding and releasing patterns and actually identify various kinds of activity of these areas like the firm distinction between fluid production to electrical generation in both areas and learn to through the SENSATION of these fluids and electricity, use this feedback from those receptors we’re growing as a means of playing with the intelligence between these areas and our awareness. So now, for the first time in your life, you’ve now reached a new level of what’s possible for you as a sentience. A little more than just learning some basic question and answer with a therapist sitting in their armchair running through their PATTERN-MATCHING questions, am I right or am I right? Pick one haha. Or better yet, this is much more sophisticated than just listening to some guru chat for endless hours on a video where at the end you just feel brainwashed, right? Ha, dinosaurs exist too.


So, when I get back on November 2nd for this journal, needless to say I’m going to be going into a heck of a lot more detail for the next lesson being self-communication. Going back to the title of this lesson, the previous paragraph is something that translates into learning how to go back and fourth between learning how to SENSE the heart with awareness, SENSE awareness through the heart and then back and fourth between these two this unfolds into building the receptors that you can just expand outwards into more and more layers that then will also translate into more and more brain awareness for example.

Till at least

November 2nd.



And... if it clicked for you... don't worry, "You're welcome!"


Good for you!







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