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The True Nature is moment by moment surrender/submission/letting go. 


No one can let go of anything. Because letting go is already the case, letting go is eternal, sensation Is eternal but its flavors/appearances are always morphing and shifting. 


Surrender is eternal. Meditation is allowing what is already naturally going on, thoughts that are discordant (self referential thoughts) are like a virus entering the body, the body has an immune response to the thoughts and tries to flush them out by tensing up/tremoring/insomnia/etc. 


All of the "dis-ease" is actually the body flushing out discordant thought. 


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If it is reeeeaaaallllyyyy inspected, the believing that there is a self is complete nonsense, what does a self look like, smell like, taste like, feel like, etc.? 


The moment by moment assertion that there is a self is inherently discordant. It's the foundation of all war, conflict, fears, etc.


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