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We are less developed than we think we are


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I saw this meme this morning 




The other day I saw one of my Facebook friends making one of the conservative talking posts like: “the day has come when really smart people are silenced so that the dumb people not get offended” or something like that


I was talking to one of my acquaintance male friends yesterday, and he was complaining about how he can’t find a girlfriend, how he wants to be attracted to her, but girls he is attracted to physically turn out to be dumb, and vice versa. Then he went on a rant about how many women have cellulite, how gross it is, bla bla. He then proceeded to brag about how he himself has 0 cellulite… He told me he never met a woman who’d be smarter than he is. He thinks he is very advanced and a total catch.


I really don’t understand how is it that the dumbest of people usually have so much confidence and think they are so great.. I don’t know why it annoys me so much.. I just want to tell them that they are stupid… 


I don’t want to keep wasting energy on this.. it does take a lot of resources and emotions from me, but I don’t know what to do not to let it bother me…


The acquaintance I spoke to yesterday really reminded me of my dad. My dad who is 120+ kg once told me that he was shocked when he saw my mom after 10 years or so, because of how old she got (my mom works out every day, weights 55kg). He is a loser, but thinks he is beyond everyone and everybody. He never had a proper job, he had no problem taking advantage of my mom financially over many years (and even was proud about it), he had no education, and used to make fun of my mom for going to university, but yet he is still much smarter than she is. He constantly labels and judges people.  He once told me that women never contributed anything to this world. 

So I guess when I meet people like this, it just bugs me a lot.. help please.. I want to be happy and focus on my life, but I keep distracting myself and putting a lot of energy into these things 🥲

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In the materialist’s paradigm intelligence is a measurable discernible property or possession that people have amounts of. 

The word intelligence really points to that which is appearing… as thoughts like the materialist’s paradigm, property, possessions and people, and as perception which the thoughts points to, yet never actually define. That which is appearing as things while never actually becoming things is undefinable, as all definitions are apparent. Closer than close, more intimate than intimate, yet undefinable. Ineffable. Unthinkable.  “Intelligence” only points. Essentially, comparative thoughts, about comparing ‘this person’s intelligence’ to ‘that person’s intelligence’, or ‘my intelligence’ compared to ‘his or her intelligence’, is the overlooking of the actuality of ‘intelligence’. 


Another pointing… intelligence appears as a room and person in a room… and the thought arises “I am intelligent”. 

For the person, this is serious. 

For the room, it’s hysterical. 


Or like an infinite helium tank appearing as helium balloons and the balloons saying “my helium”. 

This is serious for the balloons, and the balloons seem to defend their helium (meanwhile the tank is infinite).

But this is humorous (adorably, innocently) for the helium. 

Laugh more; compare, judge (more and or less developed) & stress less. 

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@Phil so you’re saying because intelligence is basically infinite, it doesn’t make sense to try and see who is “wiser”?


Kind of like people making 100K thinking they are better than people who make 50K while there are people out there making 10M? 

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6 hours ago, Rose said:

@Phil so where does the intelligence come from?

Infinite isn’t a thing / object and therefore doesn’t come from somewhere. ‘Somewhere’ would be other-than-infinite. Infinite, being infinite, as in not finite / no finite, would include the thought (be being, appearing as the thought) about infinite coming from somewhere. 

6 hours ago, Rose said:

Where did the words from my friends mouth come from when he was belittling women who have imperfect weight? 

Similarly, not from infinite intelligence…. is infinite intelligence. 

Compare perception and intelligence…. Try to find the actual, literal, precise separation or division. Notice there is the thought that these are separate things, but see if this is indeed accurate or true. 

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