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One of the Most Important Things on The Path


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3 minutes ago, solereproduction said:

May I ask a question, are you discussing the path of discovering why one exists?

Nope, rather the path of letting go of needing a "why" for existence. Just life unfiltered by thought. 


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9 hours ago, Orb said:

Nope, rather the path of letting go of needing a "why" for existence. Just life unfiltered by thought. 

I was describing "how" is the path to completely understanding one self, "why" includes everything else around one's self regardless past, current, and future to events that occurred, happening, coming to fruition.  After all understanding balance is key to survival and serenity to be at one part within eternity forever changing the current situation.  


Understanding the whole process creates greater insight to any segment tilted off balance.  The ability to correct, heals the wounds of mistakes made and that prevents them from happening over and over.


Peace through understanding natural balance between yin and yang, right from wrong, good from evil, is possible from what will never happen. 8 polarities of intellectual directives from the same core that ties all things here. How, mankind lost its way. Hope, faith, charity provide the 6 sides with those 8 corners.  Think within self contained to your own time sharing eternity here now.


The discovery removes contextual doubts created socially.

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add context to clarify life's specificity to evolving forward now.
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