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WHY I am Awareness??


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Not asking in the sense of 'prove to me that im awareness', but rather, why in the most metaphysical sense.


Like, why I am awareness/nothing and not just a self, an object, an experience.


How come I am this being, this nothing, this aloneness. Why why why. 


It's difficult to accept, that im completely alone.  But I guess that's the ego talking. In direct experience Awareness feels like heaven. 


There can be only One Awareness-ONE Nothing. There can't be two nothings 😂 The repercusions of this are astronomical. 

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I don't think there can be an answer to the "why" question, but you can't just be an object because objects are inert and depend upon awareness for there existence. Fear of being alone comes from the "apparent" person, not what you are, awareness. 

You're a thought. Do you think a thought is going to occupy 'no thought'.

The 'changeless' can be realized only when the 
ever-changing thought-flow stops.

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