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Being Hard on Yourself


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let go of expectations from or of yourself, especially like wanting to do more. it's the kindest thing because instead of have-to's it becomes like-to's.


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/sometimes it's the small things that make a difference but can be frugal about it
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Enjoy the moment as it is. Enjoy the work you’re doing / what’s in front of you now

When the thought about the ‘more’ arises, acknowledge you can only do one thing at a time - and write that ‘more’ thought down on a to do list. 

Out of your head, into perception. Creator-creating-creation. 

Beautiful. Brilliant. Perfection. As is. 


Notice there is only now… so if there is to be enjoyment, it’s now or not at all - and this is always the case. 


Self-love / affirmations.

Maybe, “I’m doing enough”. “One thing at a time”. “I choose enjoyment”. 


Expressing pessimism in the emptying sense is also self-love. 


When discordant thoughts arise - let it go swiftly. 

This is made easy if there is the willingness to fully acknowledge all you care about really, is how you feel. 


Also, in the same way that contemplating your death amps up the aliveness, try to imagine creation without preferences arising (without that ‘more’ thought. 

And appreciate that ‘more’ thought. 


If that thought is about yourself, as in I don’t do enough, recognize the self referential thought aspect… and switch focus to what you do want. 

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