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Where Does Racism Come From?

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Today a contractor came to my house to pick up some screws that may have fallen from my roof, but the landlord never notified me or my mother so I was surprised to see a car park next to my bedroom window and for a guy to come out in sloppy clothing and leave his car door open. 


I was looking at the guy behind the window blinds 😂, at this point I thought he was a drunk weirdo just hovering around the house, there's been weird people in my neighborhood so it wasn't that far out of an assumption. 


I decided to call the cops bc I didn't want to step outside to talk to this guy, there's no knowing if he was armed, innocent, crazy, on drugs, etc. So I decided to call the cops.


The cop came and everything was alright and I found out he was a contractor sent here without my knowledge. I felt so embarrassed 😂😂, and on top of that the guy was mexican so I felt so bad like I was being racist or something. 


With that story aside, it inspired me to bring this topic of racism up with you all, where does it come from? What really is it? Is everyone racist? Or only certain people?

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