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Intuitive "Seeing" that I'm not Really Here


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In direct experience there's Vibration, One song (Om). 


In listening to This, there's a gut knowing that I'm not actually in here. 


It's not a dissociative state, there's still full engagement in this moment. But just a sense of not being here.


May sound crazy idk.


Does anyone relate to this?

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46 minutes ago, Orb said:

Vibration, One song (Om). 


In listening to This

I dont know if you're being literal, but I literally hear a high pitched musical type vibration noise. Not always, but often when mindful/peaceful. It goes up and down in volume. If I'm having troubles or over thinking it disappears completely. I've had it on/off for years and no, it's not tinnitus. 

You're a thought. Do you think a thought is going to occupy 'no thought'.

The 'changeless' can be realized only when the 
ever-changing thought-flow stops.

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@Faith I hear that sound too, it's always present actually for all of us. If you focus in on that sound, and pay attention to any other sensations, it may be noticed that the same "hum" is in everything. Like listen to your fridge, and just notice that the hum is the same as the hum in the ears fundamentally. 


If we wanna go a step further, that hum is all there is. It IS. 


Another word that may resonate is Being.

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