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How to have Good Family Ties?

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Idk how to do this. 


I was on the phone with my grandma and hee negativity is annoying. She always gave me shit and was hypercritical of me since I was a kid. 


My father's side of the family is highly critical and annoying. Like a long time ago I visited them and told them I was vegan and couldn't eat the food they made and I got shit for it from my grandma.


My grandma asks me when I'm gonna visit her and I wish I could say never. 


You're fucking up my Zen grandma! 😤


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Negative, annoying & hypercritical are judgements. Resistance, to the acknowledgment of what’s felt. What you resist persists.


What if you flip those outward-oriented judgements around and instead recognize inward emotions? The emotion(s) felt are vibrational resonance, so that’s what they’re feeling. Once you see them in this way, without judgement, and with empathy, compassion arises and it gets kinda impossible for your zen to be fucked up. 

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