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How to talk to the worst parts of yourself


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“What made me skillful was symptoms of PTSD”

Yep definitely get that one. I can think way faster than most people. My system is just used to dancing in high intensity trauma. 


Welcoming without a need for them to change. Awesome, that is taking back our own power. 

We need to acknowledge as a community many of us go to ego-death to suppress/ repress the thoughts of “I should kill myself.” It comes from powerlessness, when we take back our power thoughts like that unhook from our systems. 


We project onto everyone: 


They are more then me that loving teacher there.


They are more hateful then me those oppressors over there. 

We are all Me. 
You can let everyone be who they are, and letting them be who they are is simultaneously letting you be who you are. That is how we get out of the double bind of hate of the world and relative love of these spiritual teachers & healers. Which is really just the cycling of the thought “I cannot be myself” “I am not enough”

You don’t have to love yourself first, you don’t have to just dance alone with your own unconsciousness. We are all dancing together, with the collective unconscious. So, cultivate your passion for the world, & sink deeper in your own Power, the line to your seeming personal connection to Source. 

There is a rope here, you can use it to pull yourself out of the quicksand. If you think the rope is a snake, it will keep being avoided. 

Stop giving your power away, & the thoughts of powerlessness will drop & better feeling thoughts will arise. This is the ending of the cycles of blame, & taking things personally. Let us tune the system, the triggers are showing us where we need tuning, it isn’t anyone actually oppressing or loving us, but it can really seem like that. 

You have the power of your own integrity always, the power of our personal connection to Source.


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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I love us, what we are, the relationships of our souls & The One Soul. 

There isn’t a me to love,

What there is, is a nervous system.


When the nervous system is alined with Source, we unveil the Vortex of Healing.

No joke, this is the gateway to unveiling your genuine psychic abilities. 


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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