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Heightened Clarity Around People


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This is something peculiar because from what I hear it's usually the opposite situation for most people. But I find that there's far more equanimity/sensory clarity when around people or when walking around noisey lively environments like the city. I'm talking like Infinite awareness with no center. But then when I'm completely alone that centerless awareness is quickly veiled and I find myself trying to get into that state by meditating and listening to non dual youtube videos. Idk why the hell it's like this.




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11 hours ago, Orb said:

that centerless awareness


11 hours ago, Orb said:

I find myself trying to get into that state


That’s the veil. Just question who you’re talking about, since you’re already yourself. Use the scale to express whatever arises. 🤍


Question… are you aware & what is that awareness.

Question… self deception (conceptualizing yourself as states / aversion). 

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