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I have a situation at work with a woman and I'd like to get some different perspectives before I proceed.


Ok. This woman, 35, sent her friend to ask me if I was single a few weeks ago. I replied that she ask me herself, and the following week, she did. Since, there's been light flirting from her though I've only responded with subtle indifference.


Today she became very vocal about her attraction toward me, making fun, flirty, comments in front of co-workers, and she even lingered behind in an obvious way, this too, in front of co-workers, when the day ended, to speak with me privately. She made comments about my physical appearance, signaling her interest again, and I learned she has five kids (I have zero).


Now, on my behalf I've been hesitant from the start. I can tell she's had a rough life because that hardship is communicated through the shape and contours of her face. One can perceive such a history in it, but also an innocence, someone who wants love and companionship, and so in it also I understand her in her worth as an aspect of the creator in manifestation. 


I'd describe her as deeply unconscious in that she is identified wholly with a separate-self. She's very focused on the physical, which I assume is her only frame of reference when dealing with men to whom she's attracted. There's and adolescent quality in her presentation. 


So, I'm not romantically interested in this woman, but I don't want end our communication and make her feel rejected.


Next time I see her I want to make clear, absolutely so, in the kindest way possible, that I'm not interested in a romantic entanglement, but that I'm open to friendship, to getting to know her as a person with no expectation of anything more. 


For very different reasons I believe we both can learn and grow and know ourselves in new ways through friendship with one another, if she's open to that possibility. 


If anyone would like to share their thoughts on this matter it'd be much appreciated. 


Thank you. 

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