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Knowing You Don’t Know

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I never started writing this.

Is there something to know?

Fear comes from believing there is something you should or need to know. 


Return to the Fool.


Do you get the jitters? When you want to start the next thing? 
Feel into it, it might have nothing to do with what you are about to sing. 
Possibly you think you need to know, or show something. 

Nothing to show but a dancing fool, 

Embarrassment cannot hang,

Where humility drools.


Right down onto the hurt, 

The guidance brings wings,

Sings lovingly to the dirt,

She sees seeds where he sees weeds, 

Silence allow such a deep patience, 

When he is gone She is still, 

And the flower is seen, 

All Be-in. 

Not a hill, 

A sprout, 

Effortlessly growing with the Light, 

Never letting Awareness go out of sight. 




Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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