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Language and Searching


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You already have what you are looking for, of course you do, feeling good is within, even when you get that ‘thing’ you think you desired, where does the satisfactory feeling come from?


Why did you decided to pursue whatever you are pursuing? 

What if there is another approach? Not of reaching out, but of tuning in? 

The ‘mind’ is a quite simple, representational process, it cuts the Body up into categorizations, which actually hinder when they are prioritized over Feeling. Training seams to take time, but really what you are doing is uncovering the forgotten Power of Being. This is ‘beyond time’, there was never anything to go beyond. 

What is language? 

How did it start?

When was it first believed that there is another that can be communicated with? 

Have you ever read a word over and over again until it stops feeling like a word any more? What is that feeling when you are noticing the word but don’t have an association with it? 

It is all always open for interpretation, it is just the contents of thought that seem closed.


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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