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The Edge of an Important Thought

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Can you find the edge between thinking and feeling? Mind & Body?

When the cycles of the mind and the cycles of the body are seen as same, not as in trying to do anything like thinking or moving around, but to just notice. The fundamental trauma of being ‘born into this world’, is a believing of the contents of the thought ‘world’, there is already no-world, this is Boundless Awareness.

Trauma is stored in the body, the idea of time that has been gone through creates this domain we usually refer to as mind, or self, the concept of a one who has gone through something, there isn’t a something that is being noticed right now, it is all seamless, seeing no parts, is seeing the seamless flow. 

No one ever went through anything, Reality is ineffable. Not noticing that the contents of thought is the contents of thought 


Reality doesn’t notice itself, there is literally nothing noticing anything, it is One that is what there is to notice, and don’t kid yourself about how you have already noticed this, no that is still old cycles, old unprocessed thoughts. 

The mind doesn’t think, the Whole Body does. 



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The illusion is the illusion. 

Don’t push anything away, bring it all close, warm it by the fire of the Heart. 
Thoughts are real, Feel, not the contents, but the actuality of it. 

An imaginary part, cannot come apart, so it cannot be welded back together. 
Only noticed for what it is.


No imaginary, only actual Love. 



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Love veils Her beauty with His holy shield, the the void of thought. Feeling untangles this mystery, listening to the listener only Sound fills, you get emptied out. 

Full of shit, empty the mitt, fill it with Light, neither is the insight. 

Release the grip on the phantom,

Goodness is the only anthem. 


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There is never going to be an enlightenment, but this doesn’t mean don’t look, LOOK! Where is the edge of thought? 

You cannot be brought to that which already is. One is a fountain of Love, constantly pouring into Itself. Need not be concerned with the seeming world of problems & solutions, of believers & knowers, of lovers & murders, of idiots & intellectuals, of strivers & strifes, allowing the fountain to pour as it does is to be alined with what always was. 

It seems like there is a you that could get suck when you believe there is an edge, you think you found the wall at the end of the room. So use your eyes, look ahead, straight through the void, aline with the Self. 


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There is no one who is Free! There is just Freedom!!!


That mountain you think you gotta climb, 

Is a fountain of being unconditionally fine,

When you find the edge of the water spout,

It all pours inside-out. 

Not outside-in, 

That would be what is mistaken as sin, 

Really ignorance,

About a something in The Bin 


This isn’t a containment of content, 

It is the free fall of Love for Love as ‘all’. 


Who is Free? 
Not an answer,

Flowing Feeling
Still Awareness. 

Question until the questioner is gone, 

Suffering is dispelled,

Danced with, 

Brought to the Song, 

To Listen, 

No-One was all along. 

Today is a day of celebrating wearing masking and trickery, but who is the prankster? What is the prank? 
That there is a one within, 

The prankster is the prank. 👻 


Phantom Grip


Happy Halloween Everyone! 🎃 



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Can you feel the momentum of the perspective you are looking through right now? 

Sit for a bit, get a sense of it. 
You can just sit here and center in the breath, action without clarity easily gets caught in cycles. Even if it seems there isn’t ‘enough time’, or some ‘distraction’.


With clarity Source can act through you. 
Going with Nature as it grows,

Going with Awareness as it glows, 


Eternal One. 

What does the thought you are thinking feel like? 
Running up a mountain?

Or surfing down with the Fountain? 

Where your looking is foundational, 

What your feeling is vibrational, 

Why not Attune? 
To the Edge of How, 

The Eternal Expanse of Now. 


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Down the back,

All sense of lack,

Accepted hell,

Now return to the sound of the Bell.


Up again,

This time a passionate friend,

To go forward,

Into the end. 

No where did the seem slip,

Into the centre the edge ripped.


Every direction,

Embraced in Affection.


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As the other foot drops, 

Thought flops,

Feeling takes the wheel,

No-separation, no-boundary,

Sensing the expanse,

No where was ever contracted,

No one to untangle,

Is there really a mangle?


Where is the separation born?

What is before the birth of this torn?

Ideal which continues to steal,

The attention of a one, 

Spiraling into No-One.

To identify with the sensations,

Found in deep contemplations,

What evidence do you find? 
That this ‘my mind’ is stuck to that body?

Constant growth,

Never was there both, 

Constantly the i finding a why, 

Within the shifting, 

Just allow the sigh,

What is it that you could never find? 
Looking for the edge,

Empties out every corner & wedge,

The Whole Wheel,

Turns the rain back to the Feel,

Never was there a part missing,

The Stream flows with the endless Wishing, 

Straight into Love,

Centred right into the Heart,

Never was there a start. 

The search for a point of contact,

Doesn’t end, 

Just melts into Flow, 

As you see yes and no.


What is the difference a between a a closed door and an open one?

They both blend the same rooms into each other,

This smoothie is already mixed,

Could you ever separate a self from the world it lives? 
Boundless Being just is. 




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It can really seem like you are approaching something, 

That there is gonna be some BIG experience that changes everything for you,

But that really doesn’t happen!
You just realize how awesome Being is already! 

The thinker not your friend my friends,

Feeling must guide him in the end, 

There never was a finite being approaching Infinity, 

It was always just Infinite Being. 

Two together,

One alone,

Neither actually express the Whole Tone. 


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The spheres are like a möbius loop or a Klein bottle.


There is really only One Side but it seems like a whole 3D world with an awareness in it. The world sphere seems inverted out into boundless space where the lens sphere seems contracted into a centre. There is really no centre, and no space.


To really See, you gotta look. Look directly at that seeming edge between you and the world, what is it? Where is the centre? Where is the outer edge? Where is the inner edge? Flow is found when you are at the Edgeless Edge, Now is the edge of creation. 

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