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Refining The Understanding

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The understanding, such as it is, reveals there's only one reality. That reality is a-causal God expressed as multiplicity in manifestation, which includes, well, everything: objects, sense, feeling, sensation, perception, ephemera, phenomena.


Everything (yes, everything implies nothing, but language is limited, and its limits become pronounced when discussing these matters, so concessions are a feature of this medium). 


That said, then: Not two means, NOT TWO under any circumstance whatsoever for any reason whatever. It's an impossibility for there to be more than one.


Not two.


We can make concessions to the mind, but these concessions are always "white lies" told to reveal truth. For example: "You" are the knower of experience is a "white lie" leading to the truth that all there is, is experience. 


In the spirit of granularity: If emotional guidance is a tool used to escape the experience of discord for the experience of happiness, then, if there's only one realty, not two, then emotional guidance must itself be a concession to the mind leading only to a relative experience (duality), because the experience, for example, of discord IS a distortion of God appearing as the experience of discord in the same way the experience, for example, of a-causal happiness IS a distortion of God appearing as the experience of a-causal happiness. 


Any distinction between the two (discord/happiness) is relative (duality), not absolute (non-duality), so the recognition it seems that it's all illusion (which is not to say discord/happiness have no reality to them), that both discord and happiness can only be known as relative experiences, is a confession of absolute reality manifesting as multiplicity, of God, in this example, appearing as the distortions of discord and happiness.


I know emotional guidance is a practiced teaching here, the utility of which is not under dispute. The goal is only deeper understanding into the nature of reality, not to challenge or gainsay. 


If everything is a distortion of God, what then with discord/happiness, love/hate, life/death ...

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On 9/14/2022 at 5:43 PM, Finitude said:

If everything is a distortion of God


The act or an instance of distorting.

The condition of being distorted.

A statement that twists fact; a misrepresentation.


‘Everything is a distortion of God’ is a statement, a condition, an act, an instance of distorting, twisting fact. But the statement does not actually distort God. The statement is distorted in that it aims to convince God that God is distorted by appealing to the ‘separate self’. It’s a statement which twists fact to appeal to ego. God remains un-distorted, which is why the concept ‘God is distorted’ is, discordant. Two cents - don’t believe the concept, believe the discord. 


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Greetings, and thank you for the replies. 


I'll attempt to clarify what is meant by distortion: God in manifestation, God in multiplicity,  God in duality, which are all concessions to the mind. The word "seeming" might be inserted after the preposition, though the understanding is assumed. In strict meaning God remains undistorted in all cases because God is already, already the case, though again, concessions are made to draw a map, so to speak. These concessions are ultimately inescapable from the vantage point of non-duality. 


The truest communication available in this experience is no communication at all: silence, and even that overstates it, but, again, if the matters are to be discussed, "white lies" and concessions will appear like dew appears on blades of grass. 


I should have refined my usage of the word, "distortion".  


That said, clarity is still sought on the original matter.  


Let us take take two words, "concept", and "discord". If these words are to be used as guidance, as per your two-cents, the concept of duality, it seems, must remain active in experience, or, at minimum, requires consent. 




Does the word "concept" and it meaning exist outside God?

Does the word "discord" and it meaning exist outside God? 

Further, does the negative feeling/sensation of the concept "discord" associated with the word "discord" exist outside God?


*Every word in every language, which are all concepts including proper names, could be put through this scrutiny. 


If "outside" God is an absurdity, and it is, then the answers to all questions must be "no". 


It seems reasonable then that everything is a manifestation of God (the word "manifestation" is used for its palatability, though it is interchangeable with the word "distortion").


Everything. Not two. 


The obvious distinction between "discord" and "happiness", at minimum, condones a dualistic frame of reference, and thus, it seems, that even these must be surrendered, along with any conceptualization of Guidance, emotional or otherwise, as God is Totality. Not two. 


If ignorance is present, please bring clarity to the matter. 


Thank you.







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