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The Separate Self Of Thoughts.

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If interested in noticing the separate self of thoughts, it’s the one which isn’t present, the one for whom there is an other, the one for whom there are things, for whom there is time / is in time, the one who or which “I sometimes feel”, “I might feel” etc applies to.


Emotion, guidance for thoughts, is present-only.


Thoughts can appear about emotion being in “other times”.


Thoughts can even appear about thoughts being prior to feeling & emotion. 


Insecurity being felt or not right now only points directly to the thought activity right now only


Same for all emotions, which like thoughts, aren’t things. 



There is no one which is interested or not, which notices or not, which is or isn’t avoiding or suppressing anything. 


The discord or alignment is felt by that which is appearing as thoughts, and therein inherently as emotions. 





Spacetime is a concept. 


You’ve never experienced not being present. All past, future… is a present experience of apparent thoughts. 


There is no experience of space. 


There is no experience of time.


There’s an experience of the concept, spacetime. 



As thoughts are believed, by no one separate of thoughts, an illusion seems to be created…


… that there is a separate, finite self. 



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Thoughts about a second or separate self appear within you, awareness, by appearing as the lens-sphere. 


“How do you know that” is a thought which appears within you, awareness, by being the lens-sphere. 


“But seriously though, how do you know that!?”


”You” is a thought which appears within awareness, by being the lens-sphere. 


Some thoughts appear about the world-sphere awareness is being


The spheres: Being’s being. 


Thoughts aren’t true, thoughts are, albeit apparent - thoughts.


What’s true is awareness (infinite intelligence) is appearing as the lens-sphere and thus thoughts (seemingly finite intelligence) appear. 


This is not a problem, an issue, something to figure out or solve. 


Problem, issue, figure out & solve are… thoughts. 


Awareness can not “think itself”, or “know itself” because awareness is appearing as the lens-sphere, and thus these thoughts appear. 


There can appear all kinds of thoughts about what to create, what to experience. The reality of it already being the case can be imagined & felt. 




Sheer Perfection.


Absolute Brilliance. 

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