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My Interpretation of the Dreamboard and How It Works

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Hello friends of the forum.

I got curious about the dreamboard stuff since I saw it advocated so much around the forum, and so I decided to navigate over to the tools section to check it out. I was very curious about how something like this works, and what exactly the purpose of such a thing could be.

I was just reading through Phil's description of it, and I think I realized what the mechanism of the dreamboard is, or at least my perspective or interpretation of it. I'm not sure if Phil would agree or not, but this really hit me as something profound like "holy shit yeah that makes sense", so I felt like sharing that with you guys too. These are the notes and insights that spawned from me reading the description of the dreamboard:



What is possibility? What is potential?

If you think of a want or desire, you are literally creating a possibility out of thin air. You are doing that. You have just created a probability for something to exist, merely just by thinking about it. And it is something only you can create and imagine. Holy shit. The perception of the thought is possibility itself.  And it is something only you can create. It is unique to you, because the imagination itself is unique to you. You are literally imagining probabilities, opportunities, and possibilities into existence which only you can have.  That is what a want or desire is. It is what you want for yourself, and what you want for yourself can only be created by yourself. Therefore, the probability or opportunity can only spawn from yourself first. You must imagine it first, and then it is simply yours to take, actually, you are the only one who can take it.

Thinking is the basis for all personal action and creation. You need to think to wash the dishes. To plan an event. To plan your groceries. Everything. Thoughts are not some wishy-washy aloof thing. They are constantly creating your reality around you, literally. Every single thing you think about creates some kind of difference, simply by the fact of its existence and the butterfly effect. Again, you are literally creating opportunities, potential, and possibilities by just thinking about them. Potential is always inferred through thought, it is thinking. Same goes for "seeing an opportunity/possibility." What do you think it means to see an opportunity? Contemplate it. It is literally you having a thought about something and then seizing it. Possibilities, opportunities, and potential are all just thought forms, existentially. I am not being semantic, that is literally what it exists as in your experience. They are what you think of. If something exists already it is not a possibility, possibility is what you imagine from what already exists.

I can't stress enough how literal I am being when I say this, but you are quite literally creating what you want when you just think about it or write it down. Like you actually just created it, literally. All wants are created by you, you created the possibility for that thing to exist. You have already created it just by thinking about it. Now you just have to observe the domino effect of how it affects you and the rest of your experience. Realizing that you are literally creating probabilities out of thin air is what it means to "consciously create."


The way that all of this ties into the dreamboard is that it is getting you to first think of what you want, and then, to further cement the perception of that, it makes you draw or write it on the dreamboard. This creates a visual stimuli of the possibility/desire, and it also simultaneously causes it to reoccur as a thought every single time you see the dreamboard.

This is beautifully exemplified by making you write down "simple" things first, like eating breakfast or having a coffee. It is showing you that what you are drawing is literally creating a potential for that thing to exist because it is putting the idea in your experience. There is something really amazing happening when you wake up, look at your dreamboard, see the cup of coffee on there, and then the next second you are literally having a cup of coffee. You can view that possibility in the exact same way in your head when you imagine "I want a coffee", your thoughts about what you want are like a mental dreamboard essentially.

If you read through the dreamboard section again with this perspective, I think it makes a lot of sense. For example, the part where it says there is "no source for bad thoughts" makes perfect sense, because bad thoughts are exactly what you don't want, therefore you cannot create a probability for it since your desire is to avoid it. Therefore, there is no source/probability for bad thoughts. However,  thinking negative thoughts wont "change the scenery" because it occupies the space needed to create a positive probabilistic thought. You can only have one thought or desire at a time, after all.

Anyways, no idea how coherent any of this, but it makes a lot of sense to me now at least. Again, just my own way of seeing it.

Describe a thought.

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