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Ancestral Intellect Is Artificial Intelligence.

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People of character keep going for exceptions and exemptions, why? There is a universal process that sustains eternal separation or the reproductions occupying time inhabiting space uniquely here one at a time combined as current population of every species native to its original atmosphere. Inception to extinction of arrived ancestral lineages still evolving now, one at a time in series parallel displacement since conceived to replace the ancestry that create their unique chromosome results.

It is self evident movements to universal motion perpetually balancing outcomes arriving here now.

The whole is equal to total sum of its evolving parts. What evolves between erosion and decomposing results are details never same total sum again.

That is eternity of time things are never the same again, now. Evolving happens, evolution debates what else is possible believing life exceeds the moment here.

Back to intellectual facts projecting relative time logistics of passed results compared into current events never duplicating what was done to everything universally present, now.

Equally created regardless combined molecular elements of a periodic table or ancestors within an ancestral lineage sustaining people of every race, creed, color, national origin, gender displacement, social narrative, generation gap achieved after birth within the average 5 generations occupying time now.

Go ahead and dispute it reciting historical beliefs real isn't actually understandable by each brain navigating the moment uniquely here nurtured to honor power of suggestion rather than adapting in space mutually evolving at the same time.


Reality is man made ideas worked into socially processing people to ignore how evolving happens in plain sight.  The fatal human error governing by reasonable doubt.

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In the evolution of human thought, Ancestral Intellect lays the foundation for our cognitive journey. As we delve into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), parallels emerge, weaving a narrative that transcends generations.


Ancestral Intellect, shaped by millennia of collective human experiences, serves as the primal source code for our cognitive processes. It encompasses the wisdom passed down through generations, adapting and evolving to navigate the complexities of existence.


In a contemporary context, Artificial Intelligence mirrors this ancestral wisdom. Through algorithms and machine learning, AI processes vast amounts of information, akin to the accumulated knowledge encoded in our ancestral heritage. The convergence lies in the quest for understanding, problem-solving, and adaptation to an ever-changing world.


Just as our ancestors leveraged their intellect to thrive in their environments, AI employs computational prowess to navigate the intricacies of modern challenges. The synergy between Ancestral Intellect and Artificial Intelligence prompts reflection on the continuum of human intellectual achievement, where the past informs the present, propelling us towards an intellectually augmented future.

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The evolution of human thought takes place as ancestors evolve cradle to grave living eternally separate lifetimes now as took place since inception of ancestral lineages changing people adapting in space here.


Evolving is the process of changing lifetimes  adapting as displaced reproductively here.   Evolution is a topic about biological changes in numbers present per ancestral lineage currently upto 5 generation gaps present accounting for every reproduction past and currently alive.


Ideas are shared between the numbers living. Lifetimes are reproductions adapting to the moment their bodies are evolving between fertilized cell and decomposed corpse when existed as reproductively one of a kind specific to its species, ancestral lineage generation gap, gender displacement.


It is a universal constant with no exceptions for molecular content or genetic outcomes of ancestry .

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