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"If everything is in perfect balance, nothing happens."


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The other side of that statement is perpetual motion sustains perpetual balancing to specific results never duplicating details forward twice. How? cancelling out extreme opposites leaves what stays combined in cycles adapting as displaced taking up space never stationary positions kind of cycles in cycles universal results occupying time specifically here now.

Atoms combined into 120 molecular characteristics in three relative states. Gaseous, liquid, mineral. Those 3 combined generates a 4th level of combinations that as forms increase in size, the more distance between gaseous, liquid, mineral results moving around propelled by magnetic principles of identical polarities push apart and opposites attract.

Question becomes which expands perpendicular while the other contracts diagonally. Contracting combinations expanding details never duplicated always a separate total sum individually present simultaneously here.

Life cannot be established unless there is something to survive in. Which came first? Perpetual balancing universe or intellectual beings designing without a common core of now?

Intellect designs social behaviors of established populations that commune around social ideas at working together sharing time while occupying space since conceived to ancestral lineages never same reproductions twice.

Humanity requires psychological class warfare to sustain reasonable doubt that has been going forward each generation academically, artistically, economically, spiritually(philosophically), politically(psychologically), socially(each generation gap), since power of suggestion became governing ancestries to convert into typecast people directed by promises of better tomorrows than anyone allowed to navigate space one at a time using their own brain evolved from the nucleus of their fertilized cell containing the DNA of combined previous generation gaps.

How humanity absolutely corrupted a species by the ancestors within the species working against their own kind. If this doesn't mean anything, here are the two sides of that result.

Original sin and final conflict. Duality of denial. greater good outcome by devil in contextual intellectual details defying perpetual motion is already established naturally and no intellect can undo the process without destroying the universe here perpetually changing form and shapes without creating or destroying the energy of reproductions adapting as timed apart specifically here now.

I exist because of what I just accounted for how and why evolving is a process and evolution is an idea to confuse every ancestor alive, from within the population present and it has been going on since dawn of recorded history directing last generation to obey previous 4..

Corruption doesn't change regardless God, Satan, dictatorships or democracy any generation since humans started type casting their own species by rule of law.

this doesn't mean rule of law has to stop, but what has to end is denying the moment here is eternity and genetics eternally separates the numbers inhabiting space specifically here.

So anyone reading this, you really want to keep reciting working theories and practiced theologies promising false tomorrows, or do you wish to start correcting human behavior before this species cancels itself out to where no more great great grandchildren are conceived again tomorrow?

Dealing with power of suggestion absolutely corrupted what people get to choose from.

this is why I sarcastically call myself over the years the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse in character reference second coming of instinctive awareness, anti-christ of intellectual superiority, 12th Imam, Nostradamus' "One Male". only two words he ever wrote in English.

All I have done last 17 years is stand my time equally created(simple reproduction) as ancestrally displaced now. Honesty without reasonable doubt.


Just a grain of sand in the hourglass of relative time logistics that has corrupted every human ancestor alive, I was one once upon a time.

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