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Distance Between Natural Timing Within Evolving Now


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is .0212962962963 of each second of relative time scenario.

Relative time is measuring a revolution of the planet takes 8,640 seconds but the natural turning of the planet is 184 seconds less than that which figures out to be .0212962962963 less per second. This is why in intellectual time there is a February 29 every 4 years until the second 400th anniversary of the Gregorian calendar came around in 2000 and humanity changed its mind and didn't drop it. 92 seconds at the equator for the tip of the sun and last edge of the star dropping below the rotating horizon since the star is the core of the solar system uniquely here as is any reproduction alive.

Mayan calendar claimed 5 days of hell every menstrual cycle of a female. Universal reset every 52,000 revolutions. Instincts vs intellect. Intellect is never honest about instincts.

You will ask how I cam up with this instinctively thinking about every reality having one common denial, ignoring now is eternity when each ancestor experiences never exceeding the time they get since conceived to adapt in the moment here. That original sin.

213 hundredths of each second relative time is faster than actual time living. I got this because in physical measuring relative time actually the day only lasts 23:56:56 not 24:00. that 184 seconds a day is the distance between actual time living and relative time saving humanity's ideas now isn't eternity corrupting every great great grandchild ever born since dawn of civilization of intellectual relative time governance by power of suggesting life exceeds evolving here one at a time now.

Self evident results and anything else is possible. Reasonable doubt corrupting space in the time between actual events and social narratives saying nobody knew.

Took me most of my lifetime to figure this out because every alternate reality is governed by the same concept of "relative timing" passing occupying space here now.

Why intellectual time is so mean by rule of law demanding every next generation obeys previous 4's semantics over and over promising better days ahead each rotation of the planet nothing stays same forms shaped currently adapting in the moment.

My brain is aware of that .021296296293 time variation between actual time and ancestral timing apart each genetic result living in this atmosphere spontaneously living as ancestrally simultaneously present since inception to extinction changing population extinction arrives at the end of arriving great great grandchildren.

Welcome to instincts accounting for reality and humanity's mistakes compounded historically into current global events within this species canceling each other out over who's who to inherit the earth by intellectual possibilities.ios performed historically into current events.

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