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Being aware how the experience is created not important!


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I will take an example to illustrate what I mean: If you are aware to the bubble that is forming when you try to let go of the bubble or be aware of the bubble or try to change the bubble or start believing the real you is outside of the bubble or that you can close the bubble or open the bubble. All are futile for feeling like yourself or feeling whole. Bubbles are constantly forming - when you try to pay attention, or trying to let go something, or directing your thought somewhere, or if a imagination comes(the bubble opens and the imagination comes), to put it generally the experience is wrapped in a bubble. But the thing is that this is futile because the bubble is created by itself and also dissolved by itself. This is like the mechanism of experience so to say.


If we are aware on HOW WE EXPERIENCE(to put it generally, because i am only experienced my self this bubble mechanism ) then we create duality. We lose the completeness of our self. Things like going in circle happens or being stuck in karma and so on. 




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