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Does frequencies of things exist?

Isagi Yoichi

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Not exactly. It’s not that there are things which have or omit frequencies. It’s that there aren’t things and what’s thought to be things is actually frequency or vibration. The body-mind, person, thoughts, emotions etc is unexceptional in that ‘it’ is also vibrationally apparent / appearing via vibration. If this is refuted, light will seem mysterious in that it is provably particle and wave, while the dualistic apparent truth of thought is being overlooked.


Love & joy aren’t vibrationally apparent but are the true nature of that which is appearing. One can ‘hold’ love and or joy as other than, and again this duality is of thought and not per se of reality as it is. 


‘Anything’ and ‘everything’ are thoughts about there being separation or a second thing. When the activity of thought is meditatively allow to come to rest, reality is unobscured by the ‘this & that’ filter of thought and ‘seen as it really is’. Which is to say, not seen at all in any seer & seen manor. 


Wealth & abundance are therein already the actuality, obscured only by beliefs to the contrary. Thus dispelling discordant beliefs is the allowing of abundance & wealth. In the same way receiving the guidance of emotion is receiving what’s wanted. Attracting. 


Two cents… 

Look at what’s on your dreamboard and whenever discord is experienced, question if the thought is in alignment with the having of what is on the dreamboard. If not, ‘reach for’ a better feeling more aligned thought. 


Be mindful not to discount what is, as if what is is any kind of absence, limitation or shortage with respect to what’s wanted. What is & what’s wanted are already one and the same. Appreciation & gratitude for what is, is of what is & is attraction of what’s wanted. It’s being ‘plugged in’ as a the creator. As what is. 

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