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When Leading By Example


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Doesn't lead anyone else to speculating life beyond actually living here now.

Doesn't follow everyone believing life exceeds living here now.

Doesn't seek command of other people's time adapting to living in series parallel displacement as ancestrally positioned now.

Won't pick sides playing mind games of blind faith obedience to nobody knows everything about anything specifically being eternally separated here in plain sight.

Does one's best to figure out the distance between spontaneously here, simultaneously evolving, naturally limited to one's one time cycle adapting to the moment here, their own body never duplicates itself since a fertilized cell.

Truth isn't about being honest to how and why one is what they were since conceived 2 replace their previous 4 generation gaps as equally created as any other reproduction of any other species native in this atmosphere past or current events since living doesn't exceed being alive now.

Honesty is priceless and worthless by those protecting power of suggesting life is more than all it ever was now.

My idea of 7 virtues to ancestral time occupying space here.

How does this apply to academia, arts, economic trade, politics, religions, social consensus be it dictatorship or democracy defending possibilities until extinction event happens.

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