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Different Form Of Logic

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If the future is unfolding, the past must be molding the current situation.  Core of eternal separation evolving here now as specifically existing all the time.


Anyone up for an honest discussion since balancing is always the outcome between all extreme  interpretations of what is possible and what actually is going on here in this atmosphere?


Actuality of being oneself for the one cycle of reproduction each is, in plain sight.


Simplicity of adapting to how living happens or adopt a belief nobody knew or can know the whole story of history in the making taking place now.



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1 hour ago, Phil said:

Lot of assumptions that can be inspected & dispelled. 

assumptions and potentials of anything else possible, but one system of genetics replacing ancestries with their own conceived ancestors in sequence of historically arriving and evolving here now.


Eternal timeshare per reproduction present.   Specificity like no other faith ever assembled people around for 2 or more generation gaps added since inception of DNA compounding results as conceived.


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Topic Of Life, Process of Living, Methods Of Governing Outcomes Arriving Tomorrow.


Every lifetime is evolving forward now since added by conceived from previous ancestries of the conception's two parents only discussing life within this species. Anyone else besides myself notice a commonality to patterns of reproductions in this atmosphere that flow along the "Thermodynamics Principles of energy flowing paths of least resistance" of objects spontaneously different simultaneously here in individual cycles?

Well my brain has never forgotten the lesson about "Thermodynamics" when I learned about them in science class the first time about 6 decades ago. The principles of movements by universally displaced things occupying space for the time their cycle existed.

I am existing as a singularity of displacement in an ever changing form never same total sum twice in series parallel space for the time I have left living forward now. Why am I the only reproduction admitting now is eternity at the instinctive level of adapting here proportionately present?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So what is that corrupting power? suggesting anything else is possible making science fiction and spiritual fantasies facts of life by social consensus of what hope, faith, charity did to ancestries occupying space since dawn of civilization this species made itself exempt from understanding instinctive awareness about one's proportion in the whole evolving process of a perpetual balancing universal oment here?

Chain of command is only as strong as its weakest link. Ancestors self aware genetics eternally separates life processing ancestors one at a time all the time the population is what it remains here now won't fall prey to psychological class warfare without Truth or consequence rule of law. Failure to comply with what deniers choose to believe becomes insubordination, treason, blasphemy to those in control of suggesting anything is possible tomorrow as ancestries are educated to think beyond their instinctive awareness. to adapting in space living as series parallel events at the same time adapting to the moment and current situations geographically present in the atmosphere.

Notice how lines of communication between distances became faster urban sprawl became larger where didn't matter if governments were dictatorships or democracies serving God or country, every alternate reality was governed by same principals.Just different methods of enforcement, physical force or economic pressure to comply or be eliminated.

always ended up 1% dictating how the other 99% would perform cradle to grave and rank gets privileges those sacrificing their bloodlines to keep realities real had to obey rule of law or become public examples of what happens to those not complying to better tomorrow scenarios because nobody wins against God or city hall as it takes a village to keep everyone loyal to a royal we mentality.

History validates everything I suggested here if one uses their evolved nucleus of their specific fertilized cell. Your never duplicated brain composed by all the DNA of your ancestry since inception of this species' each conception here now.

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Think outside a box image.png.62bd06c9460dc1b54c27cf1a00eff29e.png


Questioning anything specific image.png.cff086f672ff388ed3cb38302b00b111.png


thinking outside a box, hides what is specifically contained in the box.


inspecting ideas has 7 points of interest and at the core is specifically which.  Now from top down and bottom up polarities doesn't matter where how and why are positioned The horizontal  rotating 4 of what, where, when, who.


From the 6 points surrounding which  object is in subjective question there are 12 different sides in view being a separate half of the whole. Sure they are all connected to appear 24/7 but there are 72 combination of interpreting the core.


Is gets divided by if, and, or, but, would could, should, might, maybe, perhaps, seems like, same as, hope, faith, doubt, incomplete is always inaccurate, and when facts are inaccurate they corrupt actuality all the time.


What is the one thing universally constant that is physically impossible to achieve that is evident i how evolving works in compounding combination of cycles occupying space at the same time?



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What’s the relevance of this, what’s it amount to, is there a point essentially? 

Is there a usefulness, an insight, a revelation, a point of any kind? 

(Rhetorical questions for your consideration if interested. Not actually asking to receive an answer that is more of the same.)


If there is anything intelligible from these figures etc you keep repeating, perhaps that might be communicated best by first stating as simply as is possible, in as few words as is possible, ideally one word - what the point is. Why would anyone take the time to understand what you’re repeating? 


In one word. What’s the point? 

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Rationed logic sustains rational minds where people with unique brains stop adapting in space mutually evolving forward now as genetic cycles remain eternally separated here.


Reasonable doubt sustains tyranny to natural time occupying space currently adapting in the moment specifically performing their duty to serving idealists managing outcomes so far.


This forum has a description "General Q&A, Practices, Tools, Models, Maps, Trips, Traps, Insights.". My brain navigates evolving proportionately alive in series parallel events, spontaneously evolving one of a kind simultaneously as did my entire ancestry has since inception of this species' DNA streaming results amounting to 8 billion humans defying their natural time adapting to space living here now specifically one of a kind as specifically living conceived to decomposed reproduction uniquely present.".


A little honest is like a candle in the window of cyberspace where technology isolates communicating globally instantly to one brain one device linking everyone together at the same time, 


Same as evolving in plain sight.  

That has always been my core point surrounded by 6 degrees of separation psychology telling me I cannot understand why or how I am this specific location as what, where, when, which, person, placed, ancestrally here now simply as a replacement of my previous 4 generation gaps which I have lived long enough to become a 1 of 4 grandparents to 2nd generation gap after I die.


Yet everywhere I post everyone agrees to disagree and punish me for not obeying speculation life cannot be limited to genetics eternally separating active reproductions here in plain sight.  Reasonable doubt from [power of suggesting nobody can understand simple compounding chromosome results adapting in space timed apart now.



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add context to clarify life's specificity to evolving forward now.
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