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How Imagination Creates Reality?

Isagi Yoichi

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10 hours ago, Omar Osama said:

I have watched a Neville Godard video about imagination and how it creates reality he talks about he to live in the end and dwell into the feeling.


my question is how to create this feeling and live from it?

does the imagination of my desires creates feelings?

how to imagine as he says?

You are doing it here. How to imagine reality is to always reject what you are genetically here. Get everyone to agree to disagree why life is a series parallel time living an ancestral position in plain sight.


Let history be your guide and pick any reality of humanity present.  Already happening.

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11 minutes ago, Omar Osama said:


Fuck History

Current events are history being made as recorded to keep realities actively governing tomorrows get predictable today.  Series parallel time each is occupying space "relatively" (DNA displacement) present sustaining the numbers occupying space specifically located in this atmosphere, conceived to dead and buried.


Power of suggesting life exceeds "being" here now. Imagination has done it since dawn of civilization all within "We believe anything else is possible.". It got franchised by rule of laws defining Group think practiced ancestrally.  Any reproduction does commit to never accepting their actual time occupying space ancestrally present.


Mind over matter. That is the answer to your questions in the OP.  I am explaining, not criticizing.  Free will destination is how humanity became "It is what it is here now.".


As for your comment above, history has fucked every ancestry left evolving forward here now. Willingly.


Old wisdom, "those that fail to learn from history repeat it every generation forward.". That dear sir or ma'am is intellectual manifested destiny compared to genetic Divine Providence on the higher plane of rationalizing a no self self existing larger than ancestrally present socially.


One universal constant doesn't create alternate realities and parallel universes, it sustains eternal separation of combined results never duplicated twice timed apart now.  Hope, faith, charity are psychological tools to convince each brain added to life to mind power of suggesting actual isn't factual and truth is all relative to what people believe is better than living here eternally separated now.


Imagining life beyond your own time evolving is how each reality is part of humanities to social behavior within this one species in this one atmosphere here.


Again explaining, how, not finding fault as I was born into this like everyone else has been.

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Trying to create feeling & live from it is like trying to create air to breathe and space to be in.

Feeling is already done, it’s already the case, it’s This, it’s already being. 


The delightful & delicious imagination of desires is the activity of thought which is felt as emotions. The pluralization of feeling is perfectly absolutely innocent, yet as conscious creating goes it’s assumptive & naive. It’s like a tablet or phone saying ‘my wifi’s’. Adorable, but overlooking of direct experience, or, the reality of the situation of creator-creating-creation


Conscious creating is allowing the alignment of thought with feeling and enjoying the perception which appears therein. Never a doing, always an allowing. When there is contraction it is all of reality; when there is alignment it is all of reality - the whole of experience -  which does not consist of separation or separate things or a separate self. 


It seems like this would be were a ‘you’ comes in, with a ‘your vision’. But that would be self referential rumination overlooked. Also absolutely innocent, and yet the very ignore-ance of what is, of reality as it already is, of creating now. Wanted is already done & already unfolding. It’s THIS. It’s happening right now.


When rumination is allowed to come to rest, when self referential thoughts are allowed to be consciously experienced, or, illuminated, or, allowed into the light, This is utterly obvious, fantastical, endearing & enduring and unthinkably magical, carefree & whimsical. While it isn’t, conscious creating & equanimity remain mysterious as if unavailable or out of reach, and reaction, deflection & projection are the order of the day. 


Look to see what’s actually going on as in witness or observe, rather than think / conceptualize about.  

Let it be easy. Make a dreamboard.

Write wanted that it may be seen plainly & clearly, then allow it, express what arises that it might be emptied; receive & enjoy. 



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