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All You Rational Minded People Believing Character Matters

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always harping about two sides to every story, saga, quest, life offers a species. what was the opposite side of Original Sin?

Ever present Final Conflict that could end one of two ways.
Extinction because it was never corrected, or it got corrected and mayhem, madness, misery goes away in day to day life genetic results remain eternally separated now.

Think about it, humanity created reasonable doubt on purpose. Humanity is this species governing itself from genetics eternally separating life in plain sight.

Daylight has night, dawn has dusk, male has female, inorganic has universal positions, organic has ancestral displacements, expanding details has contracting results.
7th point of displacement has 6 degrees of separation and 8 corners of contracting results.

This atmosphere has 4 seasons occurring 8 times in one revolution. Every next generation never reproduces a previous reproduction again,  and nobody in the history of humanity recorded this in any society except by coding it in reasonable doubt manifesting the concept of missing links between genetic results.


 image.png.423c17bbac855ce08dc69c03b52246ec.png the left figure is philosophy, the right figure is psychological class warfare.  Both are intellectual means to corrupt instinctive brain after birth.


I created my own symbolism to defend my time being me. Humanity keeps recycling the same ones over and over expecting better days next rotation of the planet every generation repeating what last 4 did in each reality of humanity.

Stop the insanity. Please.  From being raised in Christianity always discussing Original sin every reality is consistent about only two sides to a story, saga, quest, conflict, so what is the opposite side of Original Sin since the Garden Of Eden?


Final conflict/extinction of the species if original sin isn't corrected.  What happens when corrected?  Now the eternal question becomes what corrects this species never accepting genetics already eternally separates reproductions in plain sight.


personal choice of all active reproductions inhabiting space of this atmosphere now.  this species as a whole believes it is not governed by genetics eternally separating every reproduction here equally.


Time doesn't take sides,  it centers each reproduction to its ancestral time displaced now evolving since conceived to replace its previous 4 generation gaps that reproduced another generation gap to each reproductions specific DNA configuration present.


So no intellectual belief, theory, philosophy changes this, but every social movement to save ideology of any what if scenario doesn't tolerate anyone discussing life as self evidently limited to only evolving forward now.


that intellectually isolates what Christianity calls Original Sin collective bargaining human rights to honor ignoring now is eternity by any means necessary to protect humanity until extinction happens.


Art of War, art of debating maybes, Art of the deal trading one's sole time to save the collective souls of previous 4 generations traditionally trying to escape the natural course of events going on here.


Self induced eternal hell put upon every great great grandchild to honor compounding choices to never accept now is eternity.  Who wins in this behavior practiced within one species?


History defines them by their typecast role playing and defending their stereotyped legal definition induced by contextual policies regulating insubordination, treason, blasphemy.


I respect ancestors, life, and the evolutionary process physically eternally separating each reproduction of the food chain of events taking place here.  Those telling me I don't won't accept now has always been eternity and every generation is forced to deny it or else.


why doesn't any reality respect this?  those in charge won't allow it.


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1 hour ago, solereproduction said:

why doesn't any reality respect this?  those in charge won't allow it.

Because a reality which respects this is a personal concept. There isn’t a reality separate of this, which does or doesn’t respect this. There basically is or isn’t self-respect, and allowing isn’t someone else’s alignment work. It’s not really even a matter of respect, it’s more a matter of suppressed and conceptualized anger, spite & bitterness which doesn’t resonate, doesn’t attract. What doesn’t feel good for you to believe & share, also doesn’t feel good to hear. There is no getting around this regardless of beliefs. It’s essentially like you’re saying something is wrong and or needs to change, but not ‘lining up’ with wanted, and then blaming everyone for not listening to you. I would first listen to yourself, and then see from there. 

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