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Why Mankind Intellectually Divided By Alternate Realities Will Not Survive Their Own Choices.


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History recorded How it will arrive by the what people choose to believe, where they are located in this atmosphere adapting to the moment, when each generation existed, which lineages practice different costum than the rest of the species, languages used to communicate within the social justification practiced ancestrally forward while adapting to life never same reproductions twice as historically reached current events.


A house divided cannot stand so a species divided intellectually will create their own self fulfilling realities leading to the end of arriving great great grandchildren replacing their previous 4 generation gaps in plain sight all done honoring the intelelctual common sense of never believing now is eternity.


History shows humanity never selecting option number 2.  Everyone of faith changes their socially generated mind believing eternal life's origin is beyond the moment here.


Good luck everyone. Peace isn't an option i ant alternate reality because understanding how living happens doesn't keep secrets about how evolving works naturally timing ancestors apart "co-existing conceived to decomposed now.


Mankind has a common sense of performing their soul realities working psychological class warfare 24/7 with a requirement from every great great grandchild added,  Adopt the ideology or be eliminated.


Guess what tyranny came from? Guess why every society panders to hope.faith, charity, intellectual opportunity to achieve power, wealth, fame for just surrendering their biological time to make relative time logistic the only truth that matters socially regardless race, creed, color, national origin, gender bias, morality, legality, social consensus, generation gap lived or living here now.


A pathway to correcting compounding human error relived by each reproduction added to each ancestral lineage regardless geographical location, generation gap's location, ancestor's location adapting to the moment here.  I have describe the common since conceived reason there are over 8 billion homo sapiens in this atmosphere about to eliminate themselves over intellectual reality inherits the earth once and for all.


A species divided by speculation will self destruct eventually, and that event is on the near horizon within this decade of relative time semantics ignoring genetics eternally separates reproductions now.


What my instincts see arriving sooner than later because my brain navigates living as never the same total sum results twice, again.


the only thing that intellectually matches this is rule of 72 in economics. And that is protecting symbolism mover substance justifying denying now is eternity for each reality's sake defending leaders sacrificing fellowships for their time governing space pretending now isn't eternity.I witness EVIL/LIVE. Was a part of it first 32 years of my time evolving here in plain sight believing anything else is possible than now is eternity.


the core of justified ignoring oneself cradle to grave, the original sin.

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add context to clarify life's specificity to evolving forward now.
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I get to thinking about how vocabulary becomes vernacular tribalism onto people with mindsets reality is greater than their time genetically evolving in plain sight now.

Spiritual religions justify the practice of thinking outside one's flesh(spiritual energy/Intellect) by social consensus by a minority setting social precedence for all to follow by law defining who's who in social circles squaring 4 opposing horizontal corners being played by top down royal we and bottom up loyal us that play the rest front, back, left, right in this atmosphere north, south, east, west, existed, existing.

Now let me do this again, it doesn't matter in reality if a person is last generation added, the generation parenting, grandparenting generation, great grandparenting generation, great great grandparenting generation.

All 5 generations have been and are being educated to defy the natural situation of evolving in plain sight. This exercise of futility has taken place since dawn of civilization.

Politics demand instant gratification, religions get even over time forward from any event politics takes over. the intellectual pendulum swings keeping every generation guessing and debating what else is possible than genetics eternally separates the lifetimes occupying space now.

Remember social consensus says anyone disagreeing now isn't eternity has a negative attitude about better tomorrows. 99% of the population doesn't care now is eternity anymore and the other 1% capitalizes off it.

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