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Reality is the biggest Joke


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It's just a joke. you play on yourself, literally. all the higher self, god, it is literally you playing a good joke on yourself.

all that suffering you keep, it is impossible, it is a joke you play on yourself and you are your biggest fan in it.

all that mental disorder, chronic illness, it is your dream reality and you are the biggest fan for yourself here. 

you want to be here.

while you say " oh, i am suffering so much, this hurts and that hurts" god is saying "fuck yes!", "you go!"

you are your biggest fan in this, it is your reality, you have mastered yourself so much that you are willing to impose on yourself such a degree of limitation and suffering  and misconception, because you like a good joke!




all your ideas of how to behave in society and what is allowed to be said in what circumstance, it's a .. your joke.

shed your shell, relax into the flow of your life. there are no authorities.


love sad GIFSinging In The Rain Dancing GIF

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